Accusonus – ERA-Bundle Pro 5.0.0 (VST, VST3, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | December 3, 2020


Year / Release Date: 10.2020
Version: 5.0.0
Developer: Accusonus
Developer site: accusonus
Format: VST, VST3, AAX * (* MOD.)
Bit depth: 64bit
Tabletka: cured | VR
System requirements: Windows 7 (sp1) +
Ram 2Gb minimum

Description: The company Accusonus Inc., specializing in the creation of music programs based on artificial intelligence, has released a set of plug-ins for the restoration of audio Accusonus ERA Bundle.
ERA Bundle (Enhancement and Repair of Audio) is a set of easy-to-use VST / AU / AAX plugins for processing, repairing and repairing problem audio signal. The ERA Bundle includes five tools:
ERA DeClipper
ERA Noise Remover;
ERA Reverb Remover;
ERA De-Esser;
ERA Plosive Remover;
ERA Voice Leveler
According to Accusonus, the main goal they pursued with the development of the ERA Bundle was to create simple, fast and accessible audio processing tools for everyone. The plugins feature an easy-to-use, high-resolution Retina-ready GUI and are built around the Single Knob concept. Thanks to this, there is nothing superfluous in the ERA Bundle plugin interface – just one or two controls.


in more detail :
ERA DeClipper – The world’s first fully automatic De-Clipper. You no longer have to fiddle with threshold adjustments as ERA De-Clipper automatically detects clipping and adjusts it for you. Do you record videos, musical instruments, podcasts or interviews? Then you know that the environment where you are recording is unpredictable. You cannot let the sound source get too loud. This is why it is difficult to find the optimal input level for your recordings. Clipping (or saturation) is distortion that occurs when the input signal is too high. This happens when your analog or digital recording equipment reaches its limits and your system is unable to cope with the dynamics of the input signal. Clipping occurs as a result of oversaturation and usually sounds like gross distortion. When you look at the loud parts of the input signal, you can see whole blocks of sound being clipped. It is always advisable to avoid this. But when you can’t overwrite everything, ERA De-Clipper is your life saver. ERA De-Clipper repairs oversaturated audio segments and improves overall signal quality. Unlike any other similar plugin, ERA De-Clipper is fully automatic. You just have to choose between Mode 1 (for standard use) and Mode 2 (for more complex cases). Recover clipped audio in seconds with the new ERA De-Clipper!
ERA Noise Remover – ERA Noise Remover effectively removes any unwanted sounds that appear in the signal: noises from fans, air conditioners, electrical noise, hum, hiss and other background unpleasant signals. The plug-in is controlled by a single knob, which is responsible for the activity of the suppression.
ERA Reverb Remover – Designed to correct unpleasant effects of reverberation caused by room conditions. With the plug-in, sound engineers can reduce the amount of reverb in a signal, making it clearer and more focused. In addition, the Reverb Remover can add clarity, clarity and density to the signal.
ERA De-Esser – De-esser ERA De-Esser eliminates any sharp sibilant and sibilant overtones in vocals, which usually appear on consonant sounds (for example, on the sounds “S”, “Z”, “H”, “W”, “Щ “). The regulator is responsible for the intensity of the softening of the signal.
ERA Plosive Remover – Removes and mitigates “explosive noises” commonly seen on P, T, and B sounds caused by poor mic placement. The knob determines the level of softening of dull sounds.
ERA-D – A mixture of de-noise and de-reverb, working according to special and patented Accusonus algorithms. According to the developers, the plug-in can be used on any sound source to improve its sound characteristics.
ERA Voice Leveler – Volume gain mismatches are common in both audio and video recordings. Imperfect mic placement or heavy audio and video editing. Use this one-handed plug-in to save yourself hours of manual gain control.


New in version :
## Version 5.0.00 – 2020/09/22
### New
– Voice autoEQ [New Product!]
– Voice Deepener [New Product!]
– Audio Clean-Up Assistant [New Product!]
– Noise Remover Pro [New Product!]
– Reverb Remover Pro [New Product!]
– Room Tone Match [New Product!]
– New engines for De-Esser and De-Esser Pro
– Optimized engines for Voice Leveler and Plosive Remover
– Simplified UX for Voice Leveler and De-Esser
– Improved Hum/Buzz mode for Noise Remover
– Improved performance for De-Clipper
– Brand new User Interfaces for all ERA plug-ins
### Fixed
– Nothing yet
### Known issues
1) [MacOS/Audacity] Buzz noise is caused by the AU format of all ERA plug-ins for sample rates above 44.1kHz. Prefer using the VST format instead.
2) [DaVinci Resolve] Depending on the system specification, the processing knob of ERA plugins(VST format) may be a bit laggy. Everything else is functioning as expected.
3) [Pro Tools] The plug-in UI may appear incorrectly in some resize options, depending on your screen resolution. Close and re-open the UI of the plug-in to fix the UI.
5) ERA plug-ins make the playhead of Adobe Audition laggy or non-functional during playback. Close the plug-in UI to bring everything back to normal. The total processing or performance are not affected.
6) The Master bypass switch of Audio Clean-Up Assistant doesn’t compensate for the latency automatically. Workaround: Set a fixed latency value if your host supports it.
7) Pro Tools may hang when you try to duplicate a track with an Audio Clean-Up Assistant instance already inserted.
8) [MacOS/Noise Remover Pro] Enabling the Diff button and then bypassing the plugin produces a buzz sound.
9) The step of the Processing Response parameter of Reverb Remover Pro is reported to the host automation as an integer instead of a decimal.
10) Audio issue when loading Voice Deepener as a multi-mono plug-in on a stereo track in Pro Tools. Prefer multichannel plug-in instead.
11) [Noise Remover Pro/Reverb Remover Pro] Linking a band affects the available processing range of the main knob until you unlink the band. Might cause problem with the automation.
12) [Noise Remover Pro/Reverb Remover Pro/De-Esser Pro] The preset menu isn’t centered compared to the preset button.
13) Buggy behavior with some editable labels of De-Esser Pro controls.
14) Loading the Voice autoEQ in FinalCutPro during playback might mute the audio. Stop the playback and re-instantiate the plug-in to return to normal.
15) There’s an overlap between the screen overlay of Licenser and Voice autoEQ. Simply sign-in and everything will return to normal.
16) Pro Tools native bypass doesn’t work as expected with Voice Leveler. Instead of letting the input signal pass, it mutes the track completely. Use the ON/OFF switch of Voice Leveler instead
17) Factory presets of De-Esser Pro, Noise Remover Pro, Reverb Remover Pro, Audio Clean-Up Assistant and Room Tone Match are not available for all macOS accounts after installation. Re-install for each account separately.
18) [GarageBand/Audio Clean-Up Assistant] A system overload popup may appear when changing presets or when loading an ERA tool into a slot.
20) [macOS only] Voice autoEQ is not supported for Audacity
21) [Premiere Pro 2020 / AudioUnit only] The output of Voice Leveler is not correct. Use the VST format instead.
22) [Audacity / Windows Only] Voice autoEQ may crash Audacity when audio playback is stopped. Reopen Audacity a couple of times and everything should work as expected.
23) [Final Cut Pro] Audio Clean-Up Assistant may hang after changing preset or loading ERA tools.
#### Legacy
– [Audacity/Audition] At buffer sizes higher than 2048, real-time processing displays may get laggy.
– Avoid using 96KHz sample rate with buffers smaller than 512 samples in Pro Tools, as this may cause an overload error.
– [Audacity/MacOS/AudioUnit format] The audio runs with no problem. Plugin resizing is supported but the user has to drag the plugin window to reveal the full UI for 150% and 200%.
– [Audacity/MacOS/VST format] Plugin resizing is not supported. The audio runs with no problem.
– During DAW playback, loading a plugin may not report the correct latency to the DAW. Stop and restart playback to set everything up!
– Input/Output waveform of Voice Leveler may not completely flush out when stopping Host’s playback (Host dependent).
– [AudioUnit format/Adobe Premiere & Audition] Output meters of ERA products freeze when playback is stopped.
– [StudioOne3/AudioUnit format] Downsizing the plugins may lead to some pixels loss. Close & re-open the UI to handle this.
– Having both the 64-bit & the 32-bit version of any ERA plugin simultaneously active (in different DAWs/NLEs) may lead to crash.
– Prefer large H/W and Processing buffer sizes within your DAW, when using ERA De-Clipper.
– ERA De-Clipper stresses out CPU at sample rates above 48KHz.
– [Ableton Live/De-Clipper] It may produce audio drop-outs.
– [Adobe Premiere] If you have display scaling enabled, native plugin window may need manual expansion to show the full GUI..
– [Final Cut Pro] Due to a FCP issue, when selecting a zoom option on an ERA plugin and then hitting playback (spacebar), the UI selection resets back to the default.

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  1. Paul

    Protools consider thoses plugs are corrupted and ask me everytime to place them in the “unused” folder.
    What can I do?


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