UJAM – Beatmaker Bundle 2.1.2 (VSTi, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | June 23, 2021


Year / Date of Issue: 06.2021
Version: 2.1.2
Developer: UJAM
Developer site: ujam
Format: VSTi, AAX * (* MODiFiED)
Bit depth: 64bit
Tabletka: cured | VR
System requirements: Windows 8+, 64 bit only \ 4 GB of RAM, 6 GB of Disk Space

Description: Drum Kit:
DOPE is your quick ticket to the underground world of cool hip hop beat production. No more searching through all that dusty vinyl at your local record store hoping to find the perfect sampled beat.
EDEN is a specialist in dance and electronic dance music, headlining everything from sweaty little Berlin clubs to huge world festivals. EDEN is driving beats that will keep the dance floor and party filled all night long.
GLORY is a virtual beatmaker for all kinds of trap and modern hip-hop. Where heavy 808 bass drums meet insane hi-hats, hitting the top of the billboard charts. Create beats that bounce and thunder with GLORY!
HUSTLE is your rhythm companion for styles such as Trap and Dirty South. Remarkable and ready to make a name for itself for all types of modern urban styles that need a dirty beat, a basement shaking, or a rough Grime groove.
HYPE – An instrument filled with Progressive House and EDM samples, presets and full grooves so you can create drum tracks in minutes. With HYPE, you can create punchy beats that will put your regular sample packs to shame, all with the press of a single key. It syncs with the tempo of your DAW, and you can play an almost infinite number of loops as if you were playing the instrument.
KANDY is a cutting-edge virtual beatmaker featuring processed samples and cutting edge sound design to top the billboard charts. Easily create beats for the entire bandwidth of modern pop music in the A-listing! One thing pop artists on the A-list have in common is the emphasis on beats.
NEMESIS – Cyberpunk Bats. Put on your exoskeleton and get ready for a dark adventure with Beatmaker NEMESIS. The dynamic drum machine has everything you need to create powerful, dark and complex music. The powerful drum sounds in NEMESIS have been designed to be aggressive and futuristic.
VICE – What sounds come to your mind when you think about the 80s? Trendy pop music? Big synths, powerful digital drums, and a lot of gated reverb? Exactly. These style elements have been rediscovered by contemporary producers in genres such as Synthwave. VICE has everything you need to create drum tracks for anything from authentic 80s to Synthwave.
VOID – You don’t have to spend hours balancing kick and snare by changing just one sample to find that you need to redo the whole rhythm. With VOID, you can touch one key and get the sound you want right from the start. It instantly syncs with the tempo of your DAW, and with just a few notes, you can create the perfect philes and breakdowns to get your fans screaming in delight.

Content :
DOPE v2.1.2
EDEN v2.1.2
GLORY v2.1.2
HUSTLE v2.1.2
HYPE v2.1.2
KANDY v2.1.3
NEMESIS v2.1.2
VICE v2.1.2
VOID v2.1.2

7 thoughts on “UJAM – Beatmaker Bundle 2.1.2 (VSTi, AAX) [WiN x64]

  1. Cristian

    Could you show me how to install it? It asks me for a BOB file but I can’t find it in the download.

  2. aljostrava

    There are only two files in torrent, one is nfo and the other is setup file. It’s pretty straightforward from there.

  3. Warren

    UJAM Symphonic Elements DRUMS has been released bro! Lol!


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