Zenhiser – Psytrance For Serum 3 (MIDI, WAV, SERUM)

By | September 14, 2022


Publisher: Zenhiser
Website: Zenhiser
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: PSITRANS FOR Serum 3
Zenhiser Provides 150 Amazing New Psytrance Presets for Xfer Synth Serum
You asked, we delivered. “Psytrance For Serum 3” pairs perfectly with the previous two Psytrance preset sets to create an immortal collection of mesmerizing sounds for Xfer Serum. This stunning collection pushes Serum’s potential path beyond its former limitations, equipping you with a turbocharged Psy synthesizer capable of immeasurable proportions.

Content :
Tucked away within the 150 preset library you’ll find pounding bass sounds, throbbing synths, intricate sequences, tight drums, evolving atmospheres, evocative chords and mind altering fx. Combine this with 4 inspirational song starters and you’ve got a critical stockpile of Psytrance sounds. We’ve included midi for exceptional programming possibilities and a list showcasing the presets used within the stems showcasing it’s full potential. Paying homage to the biggest Psytrance producers, ‘Psytrance For Serum 3’ focuses it’s exemplary sound on people including Astrix, Outsiders, GMS, Tristan, Avalon, Freaked Frequency, Zyce, E-Clip, Talpa, Shanti & Deedrah. Years of production wealth has been poured into this preset collection, allowing us to combine some of the biggest bassline sounds, most moving sequences and outer wordly fx you have ever heard.
So if your key labels are Hommega, Nano, TesseractStudio, Iboga or Main Stage, this Psytrance preset pack is 110% for you. Remember, you’ll need Xfer Serum synth for these presets to work!

Song Starters – 04 (includes full mix previews, midi, drums, bass, synth, fx, atmos & stabs) – 94
Presets – Atmo – 23
Presets – Bass – 21
Presets – Chords – 10
Presets – Drums – 05
Presets – Pads – 16
Presets – Sequences – 22
Presets – Synth – 24
Presets – Zaps – 07
Total Samples – 79
Total Midi – 15
Total Presets – 150
Tempo – 140bpm

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