THEPHONOLOOP – Cassette Bundle.02 (KONTAKT)

By | June 8, 2023


Quality: 24bit 48kHz stereo

Description: Bundle contains:

Cassette Keys.02
Cassette Keys.02, the successor to Cassette Keys.01, was not created to replace it, but to make things different, bigger and use the new .02 interface. In fact, both of these tools complement each other very well. Cassette Keys.02 contains two instruments, both inspired by the classic 80’s FM keys, but enhanced with other synthesis techniques, as well as a bit of sampling for interesting transitional sounds.

Cassette Mallets.02
Cassette Mallets.02, the successor to Cassette Mallets.01, further explores the sound of experimental hammer instruments with a variety of sounds, a large selection of soundboards, and a .02 interface. As with Cassette Keys .01 and .02, these two tool libraries complement each other very well.
Cassette Mallets.02 contains three instruments, each covering a different sonic territory. Sound 01 is a mixture of old glockenspiel records recorded on a thin steel plate, Sound 02 is a two-octave xylophone mixed with some corrugated sheet resonances, and Sound 03 is a mixture of the same xylophone but recorded with three hammers attached to an old beds. a mattress spring with copper wire to create a random “grainy” pattern. All three sounds are also seasoned with additional synthesis techniques for a fuller sound and wider range on the keyboard.

Cassette Plucks.01
Cassette Plucks.01 is a mixture of physical modeling, some subtractive synthesis and sampling. It contains two different oriental-sounding plucked instruments, both designed from scratch. Because of all the care that went into creating each layer and the magical touch of old cassette recorders, Cassette Plucks.01 is another collection of lofi and delicious sounds.

Cassette Vibraphone
The cassette vibraphone is the first instrument in a series of cassettes recorded using real loop samples – each note in each dynamic layer was recorded 4 times, in addition, in the Kontakt version it is still possible to enable simulated looping. The cassette vibraphone was recorded in full range (3 octaves) with 4 dynamic layers using 4 different cassette decks. There are 2372 samples in total – 592 samples per deck, plus 4 noise samples from each deck (6.76 GB of uncompressed 24-bit WAV files).

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