Mastering The Mix – All Plugins Bundle 17.02.2024 – R2R (VST, VST3, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | February 20, 2024


Release Year/Date : 02/17/24
Developer : Mastering The Mix.
Developer’s website : Mastering The Mix
Format : VST, VST3, AAX.
Bit capacity : 64bit
Tablet : Present [R2R]
System requirements : WIN 10+

Mastering The Mix plugins analyze your sound and help you make the best decisions for your music.
Using our plugins, you’ll solve the most difficult problems you encounter in the studio and create better-sounding music.

Included Plugins

  • ANIMATE v1.1.8 : If your music sounds lifeless, lacking energy and character, then it simply will not resonate with listeners. This program will help you bring your music to life down to the last detail.
  • BASSROOM v1.0.9 : Getting the bass sound right in your mix or master is a huge challenge, whether you have acoustic processing and professional monitors or not.
  • EXPOSE v2.0.6 : So many tracks are distributed with poor EQ balance, true peak clipping, over compression, phase issues and more. With this plugin, you can identify these problems in 3 seconds, before it is too late.
  • FUSER v1.0.1 : Resolves conflicting channels by helping you adjust volume balance, improving phase optimization, and implementing smart mid-side sidechain muting.
  • LEVELS v2.0.4 : Measurements are boring and confusing, but necessary if you want to create professional-sounding music.
  • LIMITER v1.0.3 : Analyzes your music to help you choose the best settings for mastering your audio, whether it’s an ultra-loud master or optimizing your audio for streaming.
  • MIXROOM v1.1.0 : An equalizer that analyzes your music and suggests optimal settings for optimal richness and clarity of sound.
  • REFERENCE v2.0.6 : If your mixes don’t sound as professional as commercially successful songs, this app will give you the tools and guidance to solve the problem.
  • RESO v1.0.6 : Smart features help you achieve the best sound possible by dynamically correcting problematic resonances without making your music sound thin.


Bug fixes for all plugins .
Additional fixes:
RESO Fixed delta display in 96 kHz sessions.
REFERENCE manual adjustment of track alignment has been increased to 30 seconds.
EXPOSE LUFS support up to 5 hours.

Installation and registration

Block access to sites

Using a firewall, adding a line to the hosts file – choose the method that suits you best.


Activation/Registration :
Run the TurboActivate.exe file located in the Activator folder inside each installation folder.
Select “More Options”.
Select “Manual Offline Activation”.
Run our keygen and select a product.
Copy “Serial” in the keygen and paste it into the “Product Key” of the activator.
In the activator, click the “Next” button.
Click the “Save Activation Request File” button in the activator and save the request file.
Click the “Generate” button in the keygen and open the request file, then save the response file.
Click “Open Activation Answer File” in the activator and open the answer file.


If you accidentally closed the keygen and activator after entering “Product Key”,
run the activator again and select “Retype your product key” instead of “Other options”.
Then enter your new “Product Key” and click Next, select “Manually Activate Offline”.
You can continue activation.

Note from : Andres Guirao Lopez @ comment

There is a typo in the name of the license file created by the Activator, whether on the MTM or R2R side…
To fix this, simply go to C:\\ProgramData\\MasteringTheMix and rename midroom-licence.dat to mixroom-licence.dat; the plugin will register…

8 thoughts on “Mastering The Mix – All Plugins Bundle 17.02.2024 – R2R (VST, VST3, AAX) [WiN x64]

  1. MS

    mixroom according to the activator is authorized…but VST3 in DAW is not authorized

  2. rayar

    mixroom according to the activator is authorized…but VST3 in DAW is not authorized

  3. Mastering 2024

    “Activation was successful” but it didn’t even generate the .dat license file, and now it is stuck in that message box preventing to generate a new license file.

  4. Andres Guirao Lopez

    Hay un error tipográfico en el nombre del archivo de licencia creado por el Activador, ya sea del lado MTM o R2R…
    Para solucionar este problema, simplemente vaya a C:\\ProgramData\\MasteringTheMix y cambie el nombre de midroom-licence.dat a mixroom-licence.dat; el complemento se registrará…

  5. Yay

    literally the wrong keygen??? this keygen is for august rose tin 808


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