ReFX – Nexus 3.4.4 Complete (VSTi) [WiN x64]

By | November 24, 2021


Year / Release Date : 04/09/2021
Version : v3.4.4
Developer : reFX
Developer Website : reFX
format : a VSTi
Bit : 64bit
Medicine : Disinfected
System requirements :
the Windows 8 and Windows 10,
the Pentium class 2.0 We do GHz processor with SSE3 support
8GB of the RAM (16GB or more highly recommended)
Display with 1024-by-768 or higher resolution

Extensions :

Nexus2 XP: Analog
Nexus2 XP: Analog 2
Nexus2 XP: Analog 3
Nexus2 XP: Analog DrumKits
Nexus2 XP: Apres-ski 2
Nexus2 XP: Apres-ski
Nexus2 XP: Artist Series 7 Skies
Nexus2 XP: Artist Series 7 Skies 2
Nexus2 XP: Artist Series Bodybangers
Nexus3 XP: Artist Series KSHMR
Nexus2 XP: Artist Series Klaas
Nexus2 XP: Artist Series Steve Aoki
Nexus2 XP: Artist Series Tiësto
Nexus2 XP: Bass
Nexus2 XP: Bass 2
Nexus2 XP: Bigtone Signature
Nexus2 XP: Bigtone Signature XP: Bigtone Signature
XP : Bigtone Signature 3
Nexus2 XP: Breaks and Risers
Nexus2 XP: Chillout Lounge
Nexus2 XP: Classic Dance
Nexus2 XP: Classic Trance
Nexus3 XP: Commercial Dance
Nexus2 XP: Commercial Electro
Nexus2 XP: Commercial Electro 2
Nexus2 XP: Dance
Nexus2 XP: Dance 3
Nexus2 XP: Dance Drums
Nexus2 XP: Dance Orchestra
Nexus2 XP: Dark Planet
Nexus2 XP: Deep House
Nexus2 XP: Deep House 2
Nexus2 XP: Drum and Bass
Nexus2 XP: Dubstep-Electro
Nexus2 XP: Dubstep-Electro 2
Nexus2 XP: Dubstep-Electro 3
Nexus3 XP: Dubstep-Electro 4
Nexus2 XP: EDM
Nexus2 XP: EDM 2
Nexus XP : EDM 3
Nexus2 XP: EDM 4
Nexus3 XP: EDM 5
Nexus3 XP: EDM 6
Nexus2 XP: EDM Leads
Nexus2 XP: EDM Voices
Nexus2 XP: EDM Voices 2
Nexus2 XP: Electro House Leads
Nexus2 XP: Electro House Leads 2
Nexus2 XP: FM
Nexus2 XP: FM 2
Nexus2 XP: FX
Nexus3 XP: Feel Good House
Nexus2 XP: Festival EDM
Nexus2 XP : Freaky Machines
Nexus2 XP: Future Arps
Nexus2 XP: Future Arps 2
Nexus2 XP: Future Arps 3
Nexus2 XP: Future Arps 4
Nexus2 XP: Future Bass
Nexus2 XP: Future Bass 2
Nexus2 XP: Future Chill
Nexus2 XP: Future House
Nexus2 XP: Future House 2
Nexus2 XP: Future Pop Voices
Nexus2 XP: Guitars
Nexus2 XP: HandsUp Leads
Nexus2 XP: HandsUp-Electro Bass
Nexus2 XP: HandsUp-Electro Bass 2
Nexus2 XP: HandsUp-Electro Bass 3
Nexus3 XP: Happy Hardcore
Nexus2 XP: Hardcore Italia
Nexus2 XP: Hardstyle
Nexus2 XP: Hardstyle 2
Nexus3 XP: Hardstyle 3
Nexus2 XP: Hip Hop
Nexus2 XP: Hip Hop 2
Nexus2 XP: Hip Hop 3
Nexus3 XP: Hip Hop 4
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 2 Winds & Brass
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 2 Core Library
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 2 Drums & FX
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 2 Strings
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 3 Drumkits & Percussions
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 3 Epic Collection
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 3 Ethno
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 3 Guitars
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Action Trailer
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Percussion Loops
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Percussion Loops 2
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Sound FX
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Synth Edition
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Synth Edition 2
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Synth Edition 3
Nexus2 XP: House
Nexus2 XP: House 2
Nexus2 XP: House 3
Nexus2 XP: K-Pop
Nexus2 XP: Kamui
Nexus2 XP: Kamui 2
Nexus3 XP: Lo-fi
Nexus2 XP: Millennium Pop
Nexus2 XP: Millennium Pop 2
Nexus2 XP: Moombahton
Nexus2 XP: Moombahton 2
Nexus2 XP: NuDisco
Nexus2 XP: NuElectro
Nexus2 XP: Omicron
Nexus2 XP: Omicron 2
Nexus2 XP: Omicron 3
Nexus2 XP: Pop
Nexus3 XP: Progressive House
Nexus2 XP: Progressive Tech House
Nexus2 XP: Progressive Tech House 2
Nexus3 XP: Psytrance 2
Nexus2 XP: Rauschwerk
Nexus2 XP: Rauschwerk 2
Nexus2 XP: Rauschwerk 3
Nexusa XP
Nexus2 XP: Reggaeton 2
Nexus2 XP: Sound of the 80s
Nexus2 XP: Sound of the 90s
Nexus2 XP: Sound of the 90s 2
Nexus2 XP: Sounds of the Summer
Nexus2 XP: Sounds of the Summer 2
Nexus2 XP: Sounds of the Summer 3
Nexus2 XP: Spinning House
Nexus2 XP: Spinning House 2
Nexus2 XP: Store’n’Forward
Nexus2 XP: Stratosphere
Nexus2 XP: Stratosphere 2
Nexus2 XP: Stratosphere 3
Nexus3 XP: Studio Production 1
Nexus2 XP: Swedish House
Nexus2 XP: Swedish House 2
Nexus2 XP: Synthwave
Nexus3 XP: Synthwave 2
Nexus3 XP: Techno
Nexus2 XP: Trance Anthems
Nexus2 XP: Trance Anthems 2
Nexus2 XP: Trance Elements
Nexus2 XP: Trance Leads
Nexus2 XP: Trance Leads 2
Nexus2 XP: Trance Universe
Nexus2 XP: Trap
Nexus2 XP: Trap 2
Nexus2 XP: Trap 3
Nexus2 XP: Trap 4
Nexus2 XP: Tropical House
Nexus2 XP: Tropical House 2
Nexus3 XP: Tropical House 3
Nexus2 XP: Twerk
Nexus2 XP: Vocoder

Installation :
Some antivirus programs remove the Nexus3.4.4.dll file. Disable antivirus (or add this file to the exceptions)

1. Mount the Nexus 3 Installation Files.iso image

2. Find the Copy to folder Nexus Content in the mounted image , open it and copy the Presets folder . Go to the path where you saved the files from this distribution, namely to the reFX Nexus 3 folder and in it to the Nexus Content and paste the copied Presets folder

3. Find the Copy to DISK C folder in the image and copy the Users folder from it and paste it into the root of Disk C (open Disk C and paste the Users folder into this location)

4. Also from the Copy to DISK folder, copy the VST folder to the folder where your plugins are stored. For example C: \ Program Files \ Steinberg \ VSTPlugins

5. Go to the path C: \ Users \ Public \ Documents \ reFX \ nexus (aka Drive C: \ Users \ General \ Shared Documents \ reFX \ nexus) and open the settings.json file with notepad

6. Find the line “library_folder”: “E: \\ reFX Nexus 3 \\ Nexus Content”, and change this path E: \\ reFX Nexus 3 \\ Nexus Content to your own to the Nexus Content folder. Please note that the path uses two characters \\ and then save the changes in this file

The size of the Nexus Content folder should be as follows (176 GB) :
In the Nexus itself, everything should turn out like this:

Distribution updated:
Changes compared to the previous version:
1. Nexus 3.3.9 has been superseded by Nexus 3.4.4
2. Added the following extensions: Progressive House, XP Studio Production 1, XP Lo-fi, Hardstyle 3, Happy Hardcore, Vintage DrumKits for Nexus 3
3. Added .svg files ( icons for extensions)
4. Removed skins from Nexus 2
For those who have downloaded or are downloading the current distribution (3.3.9):
Download a new torrent file and save the files to their original location. Missing files will be downloaded automatically

The distribution contains duplicate samples! If you want to get rid of them, then you can use one of the options:

This information is useful only for advanced users of Total Commander
The Samples folder contains 35 GB of duplicate samples by content. 20 GB can be removed.

% ComSpec% / q / c cd / d
% V & “%% COMMANDER_PATH %% \ Utils \ fdf.exe” -hlqr
wciconex.dll, 50
Replace in the folder structure under the cursor | identical files with hard links

By applying this thing, duplicates will be deleted, only one of the group will remain, and HARD LINKS will be created in the places of the deleted files, referring to the remaining “living twins”.
Moreover, the names of Hard Links will correspond to the names of the distant twins. NEXUS hard links are easy to swallow.

37 thoughts on “ReFX – Nexus 3.4.4 Complete (VSTi) [WiN x64]

  1. wunnawunna1

    is this confirmed working?? or is is that same chinese version that asks to pay after?

  2. Devarmax

    Hey can anybody make a tutorial about removing the 20gb duplicated files?

  3. amerto

    Step 6: it didnt work

    I opened Nexus in my DAW and it says no CONTENT.
    Help please.

  4. Danny

    So Ive downloaded it and the only thing that seems to work is the standard presets, if I click on an expansion it says that the expansion is not installed and will have no sound please use refx cloud, all my presets are placed correctly in the nexus content folder and then extension line is set to the content folder but it says they aren’t installed, tbh there was no install folder for nexus in general either

  5. Danny

    So now it’s saying nexus very outdated, use refx cloud, wtf is going on?

  6. Juanjo

    Funciona perfectamente, todas las expansiones. El archivo .dll lo bloquea el antivirus, solo tienes que desbloquear el archivo en tu antivirus, el resto, seguir las instrucciones.

  7. clandestno

    I don’t understand please help me ! On nexus I don’t have any library.

  8. Johann

    Links dont work, the link still waiting in page 5 of press allow.

  9. Ahmed Reda

    I Need help with the total command if you can provide a video showing how to use this code it would be perfect

  10. asdasdffasd

    I made it work but cant use it because you forgot the key/crack, please advise how to use it. I followed through all steps

  11. Hiissel

    Works perfectly! Thank u

    If you get the error “expansion is not installed” you must download the expansions from the SAMPLES folder in the link and move it to Nexus Content on your pc.
    The program will display all the content but without the samples folder there will be no sound. You don’t have to download the whole samples folder, only the ones you are interested in.
    Don’t forget to edit the settings json file.

  12. jj

    so ima give the details how i got it to work for me

    1. Mount the Nexus 3 Installation Files.iso image
    2. Find the Copy to folder Nexus Content in the mounted image , open it and copy the Presets folder . Go to the path where you saved the files from this distribution, namely to the reFX Nexus 3 folder and in it to the Nexus Content and paste the copied Presets folder

    3 next u want to copy userfolder to C:\Users overwrite it ¨ if it says that do it

    4 Copy to DISK folder, copy the VST folder to the folder where your plugins are stored. For example C: \ Program Files \ Steinberg \ VSTPlugins

    5 go to C:\Users\Public\Documents\reFX\nexus look for settings settings.json open that file with notepad and change letter drive to C for example :library_folder”: “c:

    sample folder should be in your nexus content it should load up with no problems

    best reguards jp willing to help others if u need

  13. gal elgamiel

    email,password not included please enyone help me

    i do everything like you explain even i watch tutorials in youtube and nothing
    its ask from me to activate nexus 3 with email & password

    Note: i already have nexus 2 and i want that i will have nexus 2 and 3 both

    please help me!

  14. jj

    just follow the guide it should work u dont need password or email it could be because have to copy user to your c drive were u see user and overwrite it and remeber to open settings.json open that file with notepad and change letter drive to C for example :library_folder”: “c:

  15. jj

    1 use ultra iso or whatever u use to mount iso mount Nexus 3 Installation Files
    2the nexus folder put in c drive and copy nexus content to into nexus folder

    3vst put were u use your vst plugins with regkey.dat
    4 copy user folder overright user folder

    5 look under documents refx nexus open notepad and open settings.john copy this line “library_folder”: “c:\\reFX Nexus 3\\Nexus Content”,
    “ui”: {

    6 u just need to add c drive instead of E



    im making a video to show how to aswell willing to help

  16. ivan

    How to fix that every preset works. The preview works for me, but when I want to use it, it says missing expansion. Factory presets work normally


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