Cytomic – The Drop 1.5.8 (VST, AU) [MacOSX]

By | July 6, 2018


Year of manufacture : 2017
Version : 1.5.8
Developer : Cytomic
Developer’s site : Cytomic
Platform : iNTEL
Format : VST, AU
Language : English
Tablet : K-Gen + Keigen (requires a Windows emulator)
(you can choose yourself as you like to activate)
System requirements : Mac OS 10.6+ \ Intel Core 2 Duo

Description : This is a high-quality resonance filter of analog simulation. Vst lagin uses high-quality unique algorithms optimized for immediate use in real-time mode, and includes several models of various filters, including those based on Korg MS20 mk2 – “Sallen Key MS2” and “Sallen Key” and based on SH-9 and Roland Juno-6 – “Cascade” and “Cascade SH”

History of changes:
v1.5.10 (Dec 12, 2017)
• Fixed: Env1 and Env2 triggering issue from MIDI as the source of only one of the envelopes
• Fixed: (Win only) built against v140_xp SDK on for Windows 7 support
v1.5.8 (9 Aug 2017)
• New: basic expression evaluation for all numeric text input on controls eg: you can type “4 * (1 + 1/3)”
to get “5.3333333”
• Fixed: upper bound on Pre and Post gain knobs back to +24 dB (was +36 dB)
v1.5.7 (Aug 3, 2017)
• New: Beat 1 legato beat sync for LFO1 and LFO2
• Fixed: more stable song position for beat sync of LFOs
• Fixed: midi message processing possible buffer overruns and odd random issues
• Fixed: resizing window on Windows 7/8 with below 150% desktop scaling on HiDPI displays
v1.5.6 (18 July 2017)
• Fixed: sidechain input broken with oversampling
• Fixed: trigger to LFO2 now re-randomises even if full cycle has not completed yet
v1.5.5 (5 July 2017)
• New: added MOD button to enable / disable the whole mod section and change the size of the user
interface to hide all the mods when bypassed
• New: Res Shift trimpot for adjusting the LP and HP resonance together, useful for DJ applications
• New: reduced oversampler latency to use the lowest possible to support current realtime and render
oversampling amounts
• New: added advanced setting to allow dynamic updating of latency when switching between realtime
and render – note: very few hosts support this, so this setting has to change
settings.xml config file
• Fixed: the cutoff of the filters now remain strictly mono for mono inputs if SHIFT or stereo
modulation are not used
• Fixed: uninitialised variable in linear phase oversampler
v1.5.4 (22 Jun 2017)
• Fixed: uninitialised variable in minimum and phase-phase oversampler
• Note: switched to using VS2015 for Windows Builds to work around static c runtime shutdown
problems with the Juce library using VS2012
v1.5.3 (17 Jun 2017)
• New: minimum phase and oversampling
• New: global CPU meter
• New: AAX build with new filters types
• Fixed: drive led on MS1 ​​circuit
v1.5.2 (29 Dec 2016)
• Fixed: Shift / Spread in Wonder.
v1.5.1 (27 Dec 2016)
• Fixed: trig and gate modes not working in Env1 and Env2
v1.5.0 (Dec 24, 2016)
• New: filter models KSM, WSP, AMU
• New: resonance boost “trimpot” to increase self oscillation range from 125% to 200% (the 0% -100%
operation stays constant)
• New: MD and HD modes for all filters
• New: SSE optimized over-sampler
• New: CPU meters
• New: cramped
• New: LFO1 phase control and advanced triggering
• New: improved beat triggering of LFOs
• New: wide button to increase the range of the shift and spread knobs
• New: improved machine ID generation on Win and Mac
• Note: Win XP support has ended with this build
v1.0.16 (16 Apr 2015)
• New: HiDPI support on Win
• Fixed: changed library calls so plugin loads on Win XP
• Fixed: more robust machine id generation on Mac
v1.0.15 (8 Arp 2015)
• Fixed: Mono SC (side-chain) oversampling working again
v1.0.14 (6 Arp 2015)
• Fixed: presets from older versions now properly properly in Cubase song files
v1.0.13 (3 Arp 2015)
• Fixed: Win plugin will now load on machines without Visual Studio 2012 redistributable installed
• Fixed: Mac VST plugin now gets keyboard focus when
v1.0.12 (2 Apr 2015)
• Fixed: filter resonance display
• Fixed: filters back in correct order
v1.0.11 (1 Apr 2015)
• New: retina display support on Mac
• New: AAX Native version
• Fixed: pad button now recalls correctly in songs
• Fixed: mono AU working in DP 7/8
• Fixed: updated generation of machine id to avoid clashes
• Trying: removed PACE signing on VST builds to see if
getting Studio One v2 on Win 8 and Cubase 6.5 on Win 7 to be recognized.

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