Big EDM – Future Sounds By Evix (FXP, MIDI, WAV)

By | September 29, 2022


Publisher: Big EDM
Website: beatport
Format: FXP, MIDI, WAV
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : Kevin Learst, the only EDM DJ/producer better known as Evix, has teamed up with Big EDM to release his Future Sounds package. Since his teenage years, Evix has been a self-taught musician who has been driven by perseverance, unique creativity and relentless ability.
Evix has remixed and collaborative tracks with artists such as Thrilla, Kalide, Outr3ach, SCRVP and also released his own material.

Content :
Future Sounds by Evix has 5 construction kits.
Each kit contains all of the sounds and presets used to construct a backing track.
Once you see how the track was put together, you can deconstruct it and build your own mix.
Construction Kits are the best way to stay on top of the latest techniques in audio production that are being used by the pros.
Evix has included intense melody loops and epic risers. Mood capturing atmospheres that are enhanced by subtle background sounds.
Impactful chords and progressions, stylish and impressive cymbal patterns.
Jazz-influenced percussion structure layered with a gliding paced ambiance.
You will also find plenty of his signature style wind ups, drops, and impacts that are like nothing else out there.
Check out the sounds that are making this young guy from Michigan one of the hottest rising producers of the scene.
Pick up Future Sounds by Evix.

Pack Details:
• 5 Construction Kits (+ MIDI & Presets)
• 20 Melody Loops
• 10 Bass Loops
• 10 Drum Loops
• 30 Claps
• 30 Cymbals that include open/closed hi-hats, crashes, and rides
• 15 FX that include impacts and risers
• 40 Kicks
• 20 Percussion sounds
• 30 Snares
• 364 Files in Total
• 100% Royalty Free

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