Ableton – Live Suite v10.1.15 [WiN x64]

By | June 22, 2020


Year / Release Date: 06/18/2020
Version: 10.1.15
Developer: Ableton
Developer site: Ableton
Discharge: 64bit
Interface language: English
Tablet: Present
Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8 or Windows 10 (64-bit)
64-bit Intel® Core ™ processor or AMD multi-core processor (Intel® Core ™ processor or faster recommended)
4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended)
1366×768 display resolution

Ableton Live makes it easy for you to create, produce, and play music in one intuitive interface.
Live synchronizes everything and works in real time, so you can play and change your musical ideas without interrupting the creative process.
But Live also has a revolutionary Session View: a unique notebook for improvisation, playing and playing with musical ideas, without time limits. Start and stop any number of audio or MIDI loops freely and independently – everything remains synchronized. Almost everything in Live works in real time – add, reorder or delete devices, play with flexible routing of Live tracks and much more – all without interrupting the creative process. Create bolder sounds with new Live devices. Stay on stream with many workflow enhancements. Get farther away from your computer with Push. Create your own sound using a curatorial library. And get the unlimited potential of Max for Live, built in without problems.pic

10.1.15 Release Notes :
New features and improvementsAdded support for the Novation Launchkey [MK3] series
Added support for Presonus ATOM SQ control surface


(Skip scanning plugins each time you start) _ (Copy, transfer program settings) _ (Disable Max) _ (Reset Max settings)

Skip plugin scans every time you start :

To create Options.txt, enter the value without brackets (-NoVstStartupScan) or (-_NoVstStartupScan) and drop it into WIN c: \ Users \ USERNAME \ AppData \ Roaming \ Ableton \ Live x.x.x \ Preferences \. For OSX / Users / [username] / Library / Preferences / Ableton / Live x.x.x /. If you need a scan, then before starting the program, you need to remove it from there and throw it back after completion. Copying, transferring the program settings

To save the settings, manually copy the Library.cfg file (where collection labels are stored), Preferences.cfg, Template.als and Options.txt (if used) from the Live 10 settings folder (for example, Live 10.0.1). ) to the Live 10 settings folder (for example, Live 10.0.2) or to another folder. For example, after reinstalling the system, you can return the files to their place.

Note. Live 10 must be run at least once to create the Settings folder.

The Preferences folder is here:

\ Users \ [username] \ AppData \ Roaming \ Ableton \ Live 10.x.x \ Preferences \

/ Users / [username] / Library / Preferences / Ableton / Live 10.x.x / Disabling Max

Write this in Options.txt without parentheses (-DontLoadMaxForLiveAtStartup). If that doesn’t work, then like this (-_DontLoadMaxForLiveAtStartup). Win Location c: \ Users \ USERNAME \ AppData \ Roaming \ Ableton \ Live 10.0.6 \ Preferences \. For Mac / Users / [username] / Library / Preferences / Ableton / Live x.x.x /.

Reset Max

1.Close Live
2. Delete the entire Cycling folder in this place:

Windows: C: \ Users \ Your username \ AppData \ Roaming \ Cycling ’74

Mac: MacHD: / Users / [Username] / Library / Application Support / Cycling ’74
Restart Live


How to install and activate
turn off the Internet.
1 . Remove or turn off antivirus

2 . Turn off Windows Defender

3 . Download Ableton torrent

4 . Extract archive to the same folder

5 . Extract the ISO archive

6 . Run installation from admin



If the Next-Install button is not pressed, then you need to remove the shortcut from the start menu



7 . The program has opened. Press no Internet on this computer

8 . Press save

Will offer to save, save it to your desktop, for example

9 . A text document will open immediately and you copy it.

10 . Launch keygen on behalf of the Admin. Insert code

11 . Click generate

It will offer to save the license file. You save it at least on the desktop

12 . Activate like this. Move the license file to the Ableton activation window and release the button (drag and drop)

13 . Disable auto-update

14 . Done



10 thoughts on “Ableton – Live Suite v10.1.15 [WiN x64]

  1. Kleyton Lemes

    On my Windows is giving this error – authorization file invalid on this computer

  2. R2D2

    Replace the original Ableton.exe progam with the version in the crack folder and it will work

  3. Hollow

    I had the same problem with getting the (“authorization file invalid on this computer”).
    However when i changed the .exe file to the one included within the crack folder the program doesnt show the authentication popup. It just loads, then crashes once the program is loaded.

    Anything you know that might help?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Michal

    It works but You must close ableton and open autorize files from keygen by Ableton again.

  5. joel

    why does ableton not STAY cracked? Like it’s been on my computer for a month or two, I have a legit version of ableton 9. Now I’m opening this cracked version, and it’s not cracked, asking me for the license again?

  6. omkar

    bro, disable your antivirus or windows virus protections real time protection before downloading the whole file, because some of the files are considered to be malware by windows, thus deletes itself.

  7. Camilo

    Holy fucking shit… does anyone keep getting random spikes in cpu usage? I did some research and it seems this cracked version has a crypto mining script that fucks your system while ableton is on.


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