BLEASS – Motion FX 1.0.3 (VST3, AU) [OSX]

By | October 24, 2021


Year of issue: 2021
Version: 1.0.3
Developer: BLEASS
Developer site: bleass
Platform: iNTEL + M1
Interface language: English
Tablet: present (replacement files) | SPTNDC
System requirements: macOS 10.9 and later (64-bit only) (including macOS 11 Big Sur and M1 processors)
VST3 (64-bit)
Audio Unit

Description: Creative effects for sound design.
BLEASS Motion FX offers a new creative workflow for creating sound effects. Choose from 11 different effects and dynamically modulate them with the versatile motion sequencer. Download as many instances of Motion FX as you like and discover new sonic territories!
BLEASS Motion FX contains 11 different effects that you can modulate precisely thanks to an intuitive and comprehensive sequencer:

• Low Pass Filter
• High Pass Filter
• Band Pass Filter
• Volume
• Pan
• Pitch Shifter
• Frequency Shifter
• Ring Modulator
• Warmth
• Bit Crusher
• Delay

Each effect has a parameter automated by the sequencer and can have one or more secondary parameters. Select an effect and then dynamically modulate it using the Motion Sequencer. As you switch effects, the Motion Sequencer retains its state to offer you new sound design ideas!

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