Waves – Ultimate 2024.01.24 – R2R (VST, VST3, AAX, STANDALONE) [WiN x64]

By | June 14, 2024


Year/Date of Issue: 01/24/2024
Version: 2024.01.24
Developer: Waves
Developer website: Waves
Format: SAL, VST, VST3, AAX
Bit depth: 64bit
Tablet: cured (R2R)
System requirements: Windows 10+

Over 230 plugins from Waves. Create with complete freedom: everything is always at hand
Let nothing stand between the sound you hear in your head and what comes out of your speakers.
With Waves Ultimate—the largest option in our Waves Creative Access subscription—you get all the plugins you need, when you need them.

Add. information :
All popular Waves vocal plugins. All analog models, from Abbey Road to SSL. All Waves mastering plugins.
All the compressors, all the EQs, all the effects, instruments, saturation plugins, artist signature plugins, channel strips, AI noise reduction… just everything.
Waves Ultimate offers the most comprehensive set of professional quality audio plugins.

What’s new in 2024.01.24

✅January 24, 2024
New Plugin: Space Rider: A dynamic spatial effects suite with a ‘Rider’ feature, allowing real-time audio-driven manipulation. Assign any parameter to the “Rider” and activate the Envelope Follower for more dynamic mixes or creative exploration. Available as a single plugin, in the Mercury, Pro Show, SD7 Pro Show bundles, or in the Waves Ultimate subscription.

✅January 22, 2024
New application: MixMirror_v14.2.0 – Remote tablet control app & full plugin control for eMotion LV1 and SuperRack

• Supported on iPad 2 or later, and Windows 10, Windows 11. Mac OS is not supported
• ATI-AMD Radeon Graphics cards are not supported

Updated: New version of eMotion LV1_live mixer software (v14.26.85.702)

• New Mix bus fader control for better EFX and Monitor control
• Groups can now be configured as mono or stereo
• LINK groups can now assign routing for multiple channels
• TalkBack presets page will now display destination tracks’ names
• Rack bypass added to scene scope and Recall-Safe
• Scene scope and Recall-Safe’s DYN/EQ/FLT buttons will exclusively control assigned plugins parameter recall
• Flip Aux on mixer 2 mapping options added to User Keys
• Show>Session details will summarize the session setup configuration
• Inventory>Server>Information will display the server network speed status
• Menus updated for better touch usability
• Various UI and visibility improvements and bug fixes

Updated: MyFOH (v14.2.0), MyMon (v14.2.0) and mRecall (v14.2.0) remote apps for eMotion LV1, with various performance improvements and bug fixes.

R2R Note :

A witch says,
* No Waves Central installation and account login is required.
* Simplified and much faster installation / uninstallation.
* Instrument libraries are not included. Check our other releases.
* Much faster and more resource friendly with our emulation technology.
Read R2R.txt before everything

21 thoughts on “Waves – Ultimate 2024.01.24 – R2R (VST, VST3, AAX, STANDALONE) [WiN x64]

  1. APK

    Why did you deleted Waves – Ultimate MAC OSX version? I can’t find it here

  2. Saab Confish

    I’m stuck in the demo version. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

    1. BLR

      Did you follow the instructions to the letter?

      Uninstall / Clean Up

      Run included “R2R_Kill_Waves_Background_Process.cmd”.
      Confirm that there are no COSMOS.exe, WavesLocalServer.exe, WavesPluginServer.exe are running.
      Uninstall previous release.
      Uninstall Waves Central.

      Clean Paths:
      Your VST2, VST3, AAX plugins dir
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves\
      %PROGRAMFILES%\Waves Central\
      %PROGRAMDATA%\Waves Audio\
      %APPDATA%\Waves Audio\
      %LOCALAPPDATA%\Waves Audio\
      %PUBLIC%\Waves Audio\

      => If you think you are not experienced, search “WaveShell*” in your C drive, then delete all.
      => We always see people having problem with old shells which should be uninstalled before.

      Clean Registry:

      I completed every step.

  3. BLR

    Just installed and so far everything I currently use works perfectly. I’m super stoked it works with my old sessions. Some plugins with Libraries won’t work and I opened Gemstones (never heard of it) Doesn’t work and requires an update (not that I need that plugin)

    Will update if anything goes wrong

  4. Barnacleboy

    im new here. can i get some help how to download in this site?

    1. Admin Post author

      1. Please install torrent software first,
      2. click the big orange button (download),
      3. allow the torrent software to open the magnet link,
      4. done.

  5. Nguyễn Phúc Duy Khang

    Please help,i can’t install with error createfile failed code 3
    Im delete all the old things but everytime i install it failed

  6. Hai Pham

    I couldn’t find files:

    After installing, I can’t find those 2 files?

  7. bobson

    I followed the instructions but I’m still stuck in demo mode. How do I fix this?

  8. SR

    It was working fine till today and now suddenly it went to demo mode. Someone please help

  9. nic

    get geek clear your wave installation and reinstall but please be careful while using geek

  10. Mike

    Can u post The all Softube and Harrison Channel Strip ( The new one ) , and Harrison Mix Bus (The Last ) ? Thanks a lot .

  11. Felipe Medeiros de Souza

    Closing Studio One when I open any Waves plugin.


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