Black Octopus Sound – El Barrio Orchestra by Basement Freaks (WAV)

By | June 22, 2022


Publisher: Black Octopus Sound
Format: WAV
Quality: 24 bit 44.1/48 kHz stereo

Description: Percussion is an element of a song that every genre can use. Whether it’s grooves, extra hits or just fills, percussion is a must! Basement Freaks knows percussion thoroughly and he just dropped a BOMB in the form of a set of samples!
Welcome to the El Barrio Orchestra by Basement Freaks. This library contains almost 1.5 gigabytes of content with percussion loops, one shots, fills, music loops, shakers and percussion from all corners of the globe.
Those who know percussion will be happy to find the following types inside: Bata, Bombo, Bongos, Caja, Cajon, Conga, Cowbells and Clavs, Crass, Guiro, KriKri, Metal Bongos, Sese, Shakers and Timpales. Basement Freaks even took full combinations and made them into loops for you! Along with all these types of percussion there are musical loops such as acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano, trumpets and more.
All instruments recorded and performed by Kosta Kopanaris, a professional percussionist and teacher based in London, UK.
You will be inspired for years to come!

Content :
119 Fills:
o 22 Bongo Fills.
o 11 Caja Fills.
o 11 Cajon Fills.
o 62 Conga Fills.
o 13 Timpales Fills.
516 loops:
o 38 Bata Loops.
o 10 Bombo Loops.
o 59 Bongo Loops.
o 31 Caja Loops.
o 16 Cajon Loops.
o 56 Combo Loops.
o 130 Conga Loops.
o 63 Cowbell & Clav Loops.
o 10 Crass Loops.
o 32 Guiro Loops.
o 20 KriKri Loops.
o 11 Metal Bongo Loops.
o 16 Music Loops.
o 3 Sese Loops.
o 4 Shaker Loops.
o 17 Timpales Loops.
251 One Shots:
o 12 Agogo One Shots.
o 47 Bata One Shots.
o 15 Bombo One Shots.
o 13 Bongo One Shots.
o 17 Caja One Shots.
o 25 Cajon One Shots.
o 35 Conga One Shots.
o 9 Cowbell One Shots.
o 2 Crass One Shots.
o 16 Guiro One Shots.
o 4 KriKri One Shots.
o 14 Metal Bongo One Shots.
o 4 Sese One Shots.
o 8 Shaker One Shots.
o 8 Sound Effect One Shots.
o 9 Timpales One Shots.
o 9 Vocal One Shots.
o 4 Woodblock One Shots.

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