PreSonus – Studio One 6.2.0 Universal – R2R [OSX]

By | August 5, 2023


Release year: 2023
Version: 6.2.0 Build 94665
Developer: Presonus
Developer site: PreSonus
Platform: Intel/Apple Silicon Universal
Interface language: English
Tablet: Keygen (use r2r keygen requires a Windows emulator)
System Requirements: macOS 10.14 and later

Description: Everything you need to record, produce, mix, master and perform.
Studio One 6 makes it easy to create with new smart templates, an intuitive drag-and-drop workflow, a customizable user interface, and powerful integrated tools.

New features and improvements: 6.2.0

● “PreSonus Sphere” renamed to “Studio One”
Arrangement and editing
o Auto zoom and editors
o Independent editing of layer duplicates
o additional layer tools (eraser, paint, mute and fold tool)
o Moving and copying ranges between layers
O Takes and Layers Summary Menu
o “No overlap” option applies to events on layers
o option to display layer name for tracks and channels
o Improved naming and numbering of duplicates for layers
O event FX context menu for sound events
O Crosstalk for selected bands
o Improved “tape” editing with time stretch
o Song end marker with stop function
o Highlighting the scale in the note editor
o Colorize note events by scale
O Organize lyrics by Notes in score view
o Automate stretching of details when resizing notes
O Arrow tool options for editing notes
O Modifier for time division tool
o New “Event Editors” folder in the browser for ARA-enabled plugins

● Mixing
Copying FX plugins including automation
O Linked polarity buttons on stereo channels
O Disabling folder tracking disables the associated bus
o Mute/single link between folder tracks and linked busses
o Search bar in Add Insert dialog boxes

● Toolbar and macro organizer
o link to assign keyboard shortcuts from macro organizer
o multiple sorting options for macro lists
O text search to filter macros by name
o Merged macro toolbar settings menu

● General
About [Studio One+] Enhanced Real-time Notifications for Community Posts
o selection of presets to set up additional smart templates
Edit channel assignment for multiple selected tracks at the same time
o Delete command without selected event or range now deletes selected tracks
o the event icon in the Events folder is now displayed when the folder is collapsed
o new option to completely disable drop protection – not recommended for regular use
O “Send MIDI clock” option for hardware controllers
o Added Morph and Expressive E osmosis touch devices, additional settings for the Ampire and pedalboard

The following issues have been fixed:
● [macOS] Random crash when trying to open pan popup from context menu
● [Track Presets] Some Pitchlist presets are not restored properly
● [Windows] SoundCloud client freezes when downloading from project page
● The order of the audio output list in the Add Tracks dialog box changes when the position of the main bus and listen bus is changed.
● Applying crossfades over short distances is inaccurate
● No sound is played when switching the time stretch mode in certain situations
● Cannot create a custom folder in the browser under Track Presets.
● Remote automation of bus folder volume and panning returns after reopening a song
● Dragging stomp effects from the Ampire to the pedal board does not carry over parameters
● Event playback stops after converting to rendered audio in certain situations
● Focus issue with certain custom macros created in Studio One 5.x
● The size of the inspector panel is incorrectly remembered
● Japanese translation errors
● Lyrics do not sync correctly with 2nd and 3rd notes in 1/8 note triplets
● Note Editing events with numeric input does not work below line 1
● A metronome routed to the main output is no longer enabled by default on the listen bus
● The Mono button on the main output does not work when the listen bus is active.
● A plus sign is displayed when removing an effect by dragging
● Editing ripples on a video track causes events to overlap instead of replacing them
● Script error in Tascam Model 12
● Track/channels are not muted when a folder or bus is muted
● The user interface stops responding when FX Chain takes too long to load
● X-Trem presets allow you to set the pan mode on a mono track
New commands:
● Edit-Toggle listening notes
● Tracking – layers track events
● Track-Unpack the last snapshot into a layer
● Track – add bus for folder track
● Track – Add VCA for track folder
● Tracking layer keeps track of events
● Zoom – Toggle auto zoom
● Zoom – Toggle auto full zoom
● Zoom – Toggle automatic horizontal scaling
● Zoom – Toggle automatic vertical scaling
● Zoom – Full vertical zoom

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