Alpinesoft – VinylStudio 8.6.4 + Portable [WiN x86]

By | January 31, 2023


Release Year/Date : 2014
Version : 8.6.4
Developer : AlpineSoft Developer
Site :
Bit depth : 32bit
Interface language : English
Tabletka : Present
System requirements : Minimum

Description: AlpineSoft has released a new version of the popular product VinylStudio 8 . With this set of tools, music lovers can quickly and easily convert their collections of records or tape recordings to a modern digital format. The program will independently split the contents of the disc into separate tracks and remove all extraneous noise. In addition, the new version of VinylStudio will automatically download from the Internet the names of the songs presented on the album being converted, and export the list to a user-selected CD cover editor (for example, Nero Cover Designer). To work with the program, you need a personal computer equipped with a sound card and a record player (modern models of players with a USB interface are supported) or a portable cassette recorder.detailed step-by-step instructions for connecting the player to a PC.

With VinylStudio you can perform the following operations:
– transfer (save) records to your computer in WAV, FLAC, Ogg, MP3, dsf, dff or AIFF format;
– opening files of the same formats;
– division into separate tracks;
– search for information about albums via the Internet;
– elimination of clicks, hiss and other interference of the original;
– recording of audio CDs and MP3 discs;
– Copy recordings to a portable MP3 player or iPod.

Record directly to WAV, FLAC, Ogg, MP3, dsf, dff or AIFF format. On the Mac, CAF, AAC and Apple Lossless files are also supported
Recording stops automatically at the end of the record
Supports up to 192 kHz, 16, 24 or 32 bit
Monitor your recording through your PC’s speakers
Record 78’s on turntables with no 78 RPM speed setting
Apply RIAA and other recording equalization curves
Lookup and edit the track listing while recording is in progress

Add. information :
VinylStudio is software purpose-built to digitize records and tapes. It can:
*record your LPs and tapes
*split them into tracks
*look up track listings and album art over the Internet
*remove clicks, hiss, hum and more
*save your tracks in a wide variety of file formats
*burn both audio and MP3 CDs and DVDs
*available for PC and Macintosh
*makes the job a pleasure rather than a chore

After installation, you need to replace the main program with crack from the folder Alpinesoft.Vinyl.Studio.v8.6.4.-read.nfo-.keygen.and.cracked-SND
After that, you can safely activate by taking a ready-made key, or run keygen (if the antivirus misses!)
You will find a portable version in the VinylStudio 8.6.4 port folder, run the exe. I think it needs to be activated.

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