Toontrack – Modern Metal (EZX)

By | November 24, 2020


Publisher: Toontrack
Website: Toontrack
Quality: 16 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Modern Metal EZX was recorded by sound engineer Will Putney at Graphic Nature Audio Studios in New Jersey.
is a comprehensive drum sound for metal – suitable for anything from hardcore to metal and any sub-genre.

The library is provided by the release in its original form, in which it comes from the manufacturer. It is intended for installation into the system using the original installer, which is present in the distribution. If you want to copy the content of the library to the folder with the rest of the libraries manually without the help of the installer, then you do it on your own responsibility, with full understanding of what exactly and where you are copying. For old-timers, this will not be a problem. For the rest, it is highly recommended to use the installer.


8 thoughts on “Toontrack – Modern Metal (EZX)

  1. stather

    Unfortunately the installer asks to update the “drum sampler” to its latest version, which I already have, its the 2.1.8 ,but it obviously can’t detect it and closes…
    If I copy the whole content manually to the path I have the other libraries installed, it opens up ok but it asks for the Key, and as far as I am aware of there is no new keygen from R2R for this yet…if anybody manages to make it work please tell us how, thanks..

  2. ryanhuitfeld

    it opened in “EZdrummer” for me but does not work in superior drummer.

  3. stather

    ooops, my bad , it worked! I dont know how, i ve downloaded the torrent again and placed the file to my libraries folder and it saw it without asking for keygen, weird…go figure! Point is it works, just copy the whole file to your libraries path and thats it!

  4. baris

    not working without keygen. files copied to riht place but still wants activate

  5. Gianmario

    how to install this on Mac? is it possibile to use it in Superior Drummer?

  6. Saxha

    Where to copy the content EZX2 folder in macOS Big Sur? using Superior Drummer 3


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