TAL Software – TAL Synths Collection 2021.08.13 (VSTi, VSTi3, AUi) [OSX]

By | September 23, 2021


Year of issue: 2021
Version: 2021.08.13
Developer: TAL Software
Developer site: tal-software
Platform: iNTEL + M1
Interface language: English
Tablet: replacement files + faces. data | SPTNDC
System requirements: OS X: 10.9 or higher (64 bit host). Universal Binary 2 with native Apple M1 support.

Description: TAL Software GmbH is a small company founded around 2000 and located in Switzerland. We create high quality instruments and effects with a user-friendly interface at a reasonable price. Our commercial vintage synth emulations are known to be very accurate and authentic. TAL software is used by popular producers, musicians and has been mentioned in various interviews.
We don’t do marketing or spend a lot of time and money on secure copy protection systems. Our main focus is on the product itself:
• TAL-BassLine-101 v3.5.3 (x86_64, arm64)
• TAL-J-8 v1.5.3 (x86_64, arm64)
• TAL-Mod v1.8.3 (x86_64, arm64)
• TAL-Sampler v3.6.2 (x86_64, arm64)
• TAL-U-NO-LX-V2 v4.5.3 (x86_64, arm64)

TAL-BassLine-101 is a bass synthesizer with analog classic sound. Has a simple, intuitive interface. The plugin emits a raw sound similar to known analog devices, without any effects. There is a low pass filter – a true analog resonant filter for extreme settings.

TAL-J-8 – emulation of vintage Roland Jupiter-8
The virtual synthesizer focuses on recreating the sound of the original instrument, not additional features, the developer notes.

TAL-Mod is a virtual analog synthesizer with exceptional sound and virtually unlimited modulation possibilities. Its dedicated oscillator model is capable of producing a wide variety of sounds, from classic monophonic to stereo leads, effects and pads.
Routing can be done using virtual cables. Just connect the output signal for modulation purposes. After that, you can adjust the intensity of the modulation. You don’t need to be an expert. The plugin is suitable for beginners and experts!

The TAL-Sampler is not just a sample player. It is a full-fledged analog synthesizer with a sample engine as the sound source. which includes a powerful modulation matrix and quality 24/12/6 dB low pass filters. Don’t expect to see a 40GB piano sample library or anything like that here. The idea behind the instrument is to bring sampling back to the good old days with small samples, fast load times, and an intuitive workflow for creating your own sounds without fear of getting lost in the settings. The tool allows you to select a variety of digital to analog DAC converters), and load up to 4 layers at the same time, plus has SFZ support.

TAL-U-NO-LX-V2 is a synthesizer that copies the sound of Roland Juno iron synthesizers.
TAL-U-NO-LX-V2 – Completely rewritten emulation of the popular synthesizer, with a new engine and GUI. Refined filters, and fine adjustments – make this synthesizer a good replacement for an analog device, with all the advantages of software plug-ins.

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  1. JahSehOnfroy

    TAL J-8 DOESN’T WORK. Any time you play anything the cutoff filter goes to the lowest setting. This makes any sound in-audible. You can only hear low-volume sub-bass on each patch.


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