Robotic Bean – Hand Clap Studio v1.2.1 (VSTi3, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | January 30, 2023


Year/Date of Issue: 08/23/22
Developer: Robotic Bean
Developer site: Robotic Bean
Format: VSTi3, AAX
Bit depth: 64bit
Tabletka: cured [MOCHA]
System requirements: WIN 7+

Description :
Add natural-sounding pops and clicks to your music with Hand Clap Studio. This tool plug-in is the perfect hand clapping and finger snapping tool that’s perfect for your production.
Soft and dry finger snaps for your acoustic ballad or powerful reverb-soaked pops for your next club fireworks show, Hand Clap Studio has it all with just a few simple adjustments to the controls.

Functions :
Full sound control
Choose how many crackers you want, how they clap, how they are positioned in the stereo field, and how accurately they are synchronized. Find the sweet spot between the Close and Room mics and add reverb samples from Atlantis’ Echo Chamber. Finish off with specially designed EQ and compression to make the pops fit your mix. The display gives instant visual feedback on current settings.
High quality samples –
The samples were recorded with a professional percussionist at Atlantis Studios in Stockholm, a classic studio with legendary acoustics. The samples were taken using a star-studded collection of vintage mics, and we included both close and room mic recording and even sampled everything through Atlantis’ own echo chamber. Hand Clap Studio includes 4 separate types of claps, 5 speed levels, and a variety of circular algorithms to create natural sound. In total, this instrument holds over 700 samples.
Play the way you want-
Hand Clap Studio has a built-in 16-step sequencer that starts clapping on bars 2 and 4 as soon as you create it. 3 accent levels and a slide allow you to create a variety of patterns. But if that’s not enough, you can of course record MIDI into your DAW’s sequencer.

Specifications :
Four types of Cottons: Basic, bright, soft and snaps.
5 layers of speed and 13 cycles.
Microphones Close, Room and Echo Camera.
Up to 8 crackers.
Display with Clapper and room visualization.
16 step sequencer with 2 patterns.
3 levels of emphasis per sequencer step.
Equalizer and compressor.
VST3 and AAX formats.

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  1. Dro

    add natural sounding pops and clicks? OK… I sort of understand the desire for artifacts like tape hiss and analog hum. Just a little bit of subtle noise sounds “right” to me because that’s what I would hear in music that I listened to growing up. But… clicks and pops? This is just stupid. There’s a difference between noise artifacts that were the result of the hardware being used and the sounds produced by poor editing, improper microphone placement, etc… Maybe i’m just getting old.

  2. 50leavs

    for admin linkverse not working with chrome im pasting the link in and and it wont open

    1. Admin Post author

      Disable your adblock or exclude linkverse from your antivirus


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