PettinHouse – Acoustic Guitar 2 Complete (KONTAKT)

By | August 30, 2023


Publisher: PettinHouse
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Acoustic guitar from PettinHouse

What’s new on 2.0?
– Graphic user interface (GUI)
– Equalizer with BASS, MID, HIGH and DRY button.
– Effects: Delay, Reverb, Phaser,
– 12 Strings Guitar
– New Strum patch with automatic strummer without chord recognition
– Stereo button simulates the double track guitar effect.
– Speed knob to change the speed of the articulations.
– Noises: knocks, several hits on the body of the guitar, Strum noises.
– Improved intonation volumes, layers and mapping.
– Guide on board with the map of the key switches, Tips&Tricks, Basic Guitar chords.

Additional Information :
Strum Patch
No chord recognition, free to play one note, unison chords, open chords, strange chords.
Imagine your left hand that strums the thick guitar strings which produce bass notes and then your right hand that strums the thin guitar strings which generally in a pattern are used for playing the “chord” well the strummer allows you to simulate the alternation of these strings .
You decide when to alternate them, You can decide to play only the bass line or only the chord or both, keep the chord and change the bass line or keep the bass line and change the chords.

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