Mad Lab Audio – Mad Zachs Lab Deep House (WAV, MIDI, LIVE)

By | March 2, 2017

Beatport Sounds and Mad Lab Audio proudly present Mad Zach’s Lab: Deep House

In this truly epic release you’ll find only the most thoughtfully crafted sounds, instruments, and creative deep house musical ideas, expertly tuned by the ears of a master.

Fully pimped out production and performance template for Ableton with all sounds and instruments built in – no third party plugins required.

A complete arsenal of raw analog and classic tones – all sampled at clean 24bit resolution from gear like the TR-909, Juno 106, Moogerfoogers, even a rare British tube channel strip – just to name a few.

4 fully crafted, amazing sounding demo songs (made exclusively with the template) – which can be picked apart and analyzed for remixing, learning, or just having fun.

Deep custom drum racks – with macro’s set up to control the tone of all your essential sounds easily.
Dynamic analog sample instruments – All the instruments in the pack were created by sampling raw waveforms from vintage analog synthesizers, and dropping them into samplers with full macro controls over all your most important synthesis parameters.

20 forward-thinking drum and percussion sketches – provided as part-separated audio/midi files, as well as from within Ableton for complete tonal control and pattern manipulation.

7 insanely funky built in grooves, which have been meticulously extracted from the original 909 shuffles. This IS the swing for house. You can throw these grooves on any midi or audio clip.

Inspiring clip grid loaded with 66 drum and 53 percussion loops organized into 10 separate idea clusters each with sets of loops for, bass, synth, mood, and other sounds.

Mood and vocal sounds – loaded into their own rack with custom eq/effects macro’s.

Built in mixing with specialized routing, side-chain compression, custom effects racks, and tone macro’s.
Every element of the deep house style is covered – of course with a Mad Zach twist – from 909 heavy drums, to classic and forward thinking bass, supple pads, saw square and saw rooted synths, dusty mood samples, vocal chops, and a super powerful percussion rack.

All the loops come as midi clips with their own built-in drum racks and sample instruments. This means no loop is stagnant, as each and every sound can be easily tweaked, swapped, automated or rearranged.
In the download you’ll also find a folder stocked with all the one shots in high quality 24 bit WAV format, as well as audio loops from the main 4 demo songs. For the one shots the pack’s built in custom drum racks were dialed to create every possible variation of each sound.

154 – banging kicks and bass drums
78 – clap variations
65 – dusty open hats
64 – unique percussion hits
49 – heavy mood and vocal chop samples
39 – shakers
37 – snares of different styles
31 – character rich closed hats
30 – other critical drum sounds, like toms, rims, even a dynamic tambourine
15 – thunderous sub notes
11 – pumping sub stabs
8 – trippy atmospheres recorded from spaces around the world

This is the ultimate deep house production playground. Have fun
*Other Genres that this package may be useful in:
• Deep House
• Drum Hits
• Presets / Patches
• Tech House
• Techno


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