Dream Audio Tools – Handrums (KONTAKT)

By | August 23, 2022


Publisher: Dream Audio Tools
Website: dreamaudiotools.com/product/handrums-hand-drums-sample-library/#
Quality: 24bit 96kHz stereo

Description : Hand-drum. Although it is written that other parts of the body too. I wonder what.

Additional Information :
Handrums is our new library featuring a wide selection of Drum Instruments released playing drums with hands, fingers and other body parts. As a result we obtained a drum sound with a marked raw and tribal character.
Handrums features two kicks, a snare, two low toms, two mid toms and one small tom. All multivelocity and with round-robins (up to five round robins). Depending on the kit part we used one single hand, two hands, fingers, elbow to get a complete sound menu. Also we added a nice selection of rolls and flames as a bonus.


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