Cymatics – The Fractals Synth Melody Collection (MIDI, WAV)

By | January 30, 2023


Publisher: Cymatics
Format: MIDI, WAV
Quality: 24bit 48kHz stereo

Description : This collection of virtual style synth tunes was inspired by the sound of famous artists such as Yeat and Lil Uzi Vert.
Every tune inside was created using some of our favorite synth sounds, both from VST and hardware synths.
Inside you’ll find a variety of tune styles, including both upbeat and darker loops to work with.
Each loop in this set has been designed to work well with powerful drums and 808s, right out of the box.
We’ve also included the original MIDI data and bases for each tune to give you complete control over every tune within.

The licensing rights included:
• Streaming to Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc.
• Beat rental sales on Beatstars, Airbit, etc.
• Placements with major artists
• All ringtones are completely free.

Content :
Bonus MIDI extension included for free:
This limited offer is only available during Black Friday sales.
Fractals: MIDI Extension
These premium MIDI files have been written in the same style as the melody loops from the core Fractal package.
We’ve provided a variety of keys and BPMs for this collection of MIDI so you can create your own virtual style loops from scratch.
Like the tunes in the main package, it includes melodies with an upbeat and darker sound.
Pair these MIDI files with your favorite synth sounds for instant ambiance as you create your next powerful track.

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