Cymatics – Cymatics Zodiac Vol 2 Melody Collection (MIDI, WAV)

By | January 30, 2023


Publisher: Cymatics
Format: MIDI, WAV
Quality: 24bit 48kHz stereo

Description: ZODIAC Vol. 2: Premium ringtones
For Zodiac Vol. 2 we wanted to expand on the best elements that made the first Zodiac one of our most popular sample collections.
We’ve taken a fresh approach to creating melodies, resulting in some of the most inspiring and emotional melodies we’ve ever made.
To make this work, we took a similar approach to some of the biggest records of the year, such as DONDA and Certified Lover Boy, albums with dozens of collaborators.
Each sample is the result of the collaboration of our carefully selected team of producers and engineers, each specializing in their own set of skills.

Content :
The main directions of the Zodiac:
• Emphasis on live performance with vintage synths, hardware and effects pedals.
• Create full compositions instead of simple loops. This means that each loop consists of several sections and interesting arrangements.
• Collaboration between our best producers and musicians, allowing everyone to focus on their strengths to create the best samples.
• Add live instruments such as guitar, bass, drums/percussion, piano and more.
• Live soul and RnB vocals on top of many tracks.

Aquarius: vocal samples
Aquarius is a collection of lush soul, gospel and R&B lofi backing vocals similar to those now used in many hip hop and R&B music.
In fact, you can hear many similar vocal samples used in many of the tunes in Zodiac Vol. 2 – and they played a big role in creating some of the most emotional and vibrant melodies we’ve ever made.
If you like the emotional vibe that comes with many of Drake and Kanye’s songs, you’ll love this additional vocal.
Cosmos: guitar loops
Cosmos is a dedicated collection of contemporary hip hop and R&B guitars.
All recorded live by professional guitarists whose work has been featured on major releases in the hip hop and electronic dance music industries.
At Cosmos, you’ll find beautifully layered guitar loops that also include stems, which are great sample sources in their own right.
Virgo: Percussion Loops
Percussion loops can help a lot when it comes to setting the atmosphere of a song – they can give a track texture, rhythm and bounce, and they’re easy to build around.
And these are no ordinary percussion loops…
Every loop in the Virgo has been meticulously crafted to create instant vibrations.
Keeping these great sources of inspiration in mind – because once you hear them, you’ll immediately start hearing new ideas pop into your head.
Orion: midi collection
Coming up with catchy melodies and complex chord progressions can be challenging for any producer!
So in addition to the 250 MIDI files included in the Main Zodiac collection, Orion will provide you with 250 more MIDI files that you can drag and drop directly into your DAW and start looking for inspiration.

In total you get 500 MIDI with Zodiac Vol. 2
With so much MIDI, you can spend countless hours experimenting and coming up with new melodies for your next big track.
ZODIAC Vol. 2 Collector’s Edition USB sticks
250 ZODIAC Vol. 2 USB Collector’s Edition will be issued on a first come, first served basis.
We are about to give away the ZODIAC VOL. 2 USB to the first 250 licensed manufacturers!
They will be loaded with a special surprise that only those 250 people will receive.

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