Best Service – Dark ERA (ENGINE 2)

By | January 15, 2022


Publisher: Best Service
Website: Best Service
Format: ENGINE 2
Quality: 24bit 48kHz stereo

Description: Ancient pagan music sound library for Best Service – Engine sampler

With Dark ERA, Eduardo Tarilonte – the master of mystical sounds – leads us back into the dark age where legends were born and where old northern gods still determined the fate of mankind. This library allows you to discover sounds to which the vikings and other already forgotten cultures and tribes were celebrating and singing their myths.
The fascinating sound of Dark ERA ranges from the transcendental drones of the ancient stringed-harp Tagelharpa to the unmatched grace of the gut-stringed Lyre to the distinctive and characteristic sound of the Nordic bone flutes and the overtone flute Fujara. Goose bumps are guaranteed with the sound of war horns such as the wooden Lur, thunderous mighty percussion, a full ensemble of frame-drums as well as mystical throat chants.
These instruments are complemented by an impressive collection of pulsating pads and atmospheric soundscapes which evolve over longer periods. These unique sounds ensure that Dark ERA can clearly be regarded as the next masterpiece created by Eduardo Tarilonte.
– Contains over 50 historic and medieval instruments in 4 categories: Bowed strings, plucked strings, wind instruments, and percussion
– Large library with more than 20,000 samples with countless dynamic gradations, articulations, Round-Robin, as well as Legato and Glissando samples
– More than 100 mystical, atmospheric soundscapes
– Epic loops for rhythmic accompaniment
– Rhythmic pads combine melodic and rhythmic elements
– Vocal section offers Inuit inspired vocal rhythms
– Bowed strings: Tagelharpa, Jouhikko small tagelharpa, Jouhikko big, and crwth
– Plucked strings: Cologne lyre, ancient lyre, Trossingen lyre, and Utrecht lute
– Wind instruments: War horn, white horn, curved horn, shofar, bukkehorn shell, long trumpet, big horn, double flute, small bone flute, vulture bone flute, pictish pipes, elderwood flute, overtone fujara, didgeridoo, and wooden lur
– Percussion: Shamanic drum small, shamanic drum big, big frame drum, 5 square drums, 2 skin drums, 2 skin snares, skin tom, sieves, anvil, 3 viking mouth harps, jawbone, pan medium, pan rusted, 7 seed shakers, small bells, 2 cowbells, bullroarer, horseshoe, and bronze mortar

Many thanks to Gordon Shumwау (Team V.R) for the decrypt key for this library

Installation :
Copy the file 0000040D from the keys folder and place it along the path C:\ProgramData\Best Service\Engine\keys
Copy the Dark ERA.lic file from the License folder and place it along the path C:\ProgramData\Yellow Tools\licenses

6 thoughts on “Best Service – Dark ERA (ENGINE 2)

  1. xaga

    Doesn’t work, I managed to activate it (barely) and it says file not found on every instrument.

  2. funkybob

    Hey bud. These work. I’ve all libraries installed atm in Renoise (medieval, forest, celtic etc).
    Download the R2R player version.

    The non-R2R releases require you to copy a single file in “keys” directory and place it in appdata folder. When you open in DAW and enter any 6×5 digit serial it’s supposed to say “successful activation”, but afterwards you will get the message that (sound files not found), also supposed to happen.

    Pay it no mind. Close VST and DAW, reopen and… it works without a hitch from then on.

    For R2R activation, you get prompted to generate a serial from a *.yxtml (something) file contained in an R2R folder, copy that and paste. Good luck.

  3. Logos

    I tried everything you said, but it still gives me the “sound files not found” error and i can’t hear anything. How does this work please??

  4. BobbyJoeJoe

    This does not work, neither does Forest Kingdom 3.

    In best service Engine 2 it activates but when you try to load an instrument it always says the same thing:

    ” Cannot load a selected audio file! File is corrupt or file format unknown.
    the file “whichever file name you are trying to load.wav”
    was found but can’t be opened ”

    Sounds like everyone else is having the same problem.

    Anyone have a fix for this?


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