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By | September 13, 2016



Avid Pro Tools HD is one of the most professional Digital Audio Workstation softwares ever made, it is used by many big music producers such as Scott Storch, Paul Epworth, Dr Dre, Timbaland. It will allow you to record, arrange, compose, mix and master your music using cutting-edge features and capabilities that cannot be found in other competitors’ programs. Music made in Avid Pro Tools is guaranteed to be of top quality, it is considered to be the absolute industry-standard audio production platform for serious musicians and other professional audio experts such as engineers, composers, vocalists.

Most expensive studios around the world heavily depend on the performance and capability of Pro Tools to make hit songs for very famous artists. There are tons of VST and AAX plugins that can make this program even more powerful and multi-purpose. The software will allow you to mix multiple audio file formats at different bit depths in the same session. This latest version is well-optimized, so it will start quick and provide the best performance you can possibly get out of your PC. The Clip Gain will also accelerate your editing and mixing tasks.

Avid Pro Tools will let you create as many tracks as you want, as long as your system can handle it. The extended disk cache is another great feature which will enable you to get very responsive recording and playback, which is achieved by loading the entire sessions in RAM. For similar application, you can check out Avid Sibelius 8.1




Release Info:

Platform: Windows x64
Copy Protection: iLok Wrapper + Fusion

How to Install:

1) Run Pro Tools\setup.exe
2) Install from menu
3) Done! Enjoy

Using a VST:

1) The first thing you need to do is install TransVST.
2) Wrap your VST
3) then Move it from C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins
to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins
4) Now go into Contents\x64 folder
5) Drag n drop your .aaxplugin file onto the TransVST_Fixer.exe
6) Delete the .aaxplugin then replace with the new file indicated by the fixer
7) That’s it! Enjoy

Extras. Information: AudioUTOPiA’s Pro Tools release gives you flexibility like no other release:
* No drivers needed for stock plugins and release
* Startup performance and project load times much much faster
* Load any AAX you like, original or patched
* Load any VST you like in combination with R2R’s TransVST release and
AudioUTOPiA’s special post process fix tool
* Mp3 Exports

19 thoughts on “Avid – Pro Tools HD [Win x64]

  1. gogomarto

    It worked great before, im using a new PC (win10x64) and i have an error:
    TIShellMgr.dll is missing

    Can someone help me?


    Please can you update us with
    Protools 2020
    Nexus 3 x64
    Purity x64
    Thank you
    And I totally want to thank you guys for all your efforts.

  3. Mad Saami

    does anybody know any link to download pro tools for mac ?????

  4. Andrés

    Hello, everybody. I’ve a simply 3 qstns to all of you. Is my fisrt time using a patch series of Pro Tools and for instance I’m checking the ‘VST installation process’, but I’m a little confused with the next instructions:

    1.) ¿What it means the step two “Wrap your VST”? ¿It´s probably refering to run the program and move an specific archive to continue with step three?

    2.) ¿What’s the archive that I need to move from “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins”

    3.) Finally ¿Where is located the the folder “Contents\x64”?

    Thnx in advance,

  5. Roland

    For those who get 6117 Error.

    This means “AAE Error -6101 is caused by an underrun in the Core Audio driver.”

    1)First, you need an appropriate interface with ASIO drivers with it. If not, then find and install ASIO4ALL free drivers to override your system and at least be able to properly play back from pro tools. When you set it up, you must install it with the optional “OFF-LINE SETTINGS” feature and open it before you start pro tools, because any changes will lead to pro tools asking to reload the project.

    2) In this interface (ASIO4ALL Offline Settings, what you can find via Start – Search), blue “on” switches are active inputs and outputs. For now, turn off anything that is not necessary and leave only the primary output and maybe the mic. Turn off to zero In/Out latency compensation and untick any options, because those are extras for the time when you’ll need to know what they are, but they’re not necessary. ASIO buffer size has to be the same value what you’re going to set up later in Pro Tools Playback Engine options, so I’ll chose 256 samples and stay with it.

    3)When Pro Tools starts up, it wants to use the last used Playback Engine but since you are starting it up first time, it choses your default sound engine, the same default one from Windows Control Panel – Sounds. And sometimes it stays with it. To fix this, hold “N” as soon as Pro Tools logo appears – it is a shortcut to override automatic playback engine settings and set it up again. There is an order of loading process and sound engine comes right after the plugins are loaded, so there is no certain time to do it too soon.

    4) When you get the playback engine setup window, choose “ASIO4ALL”. And stick with the previously mentioned 256 buffer size. Your inputs and outputs are set in ASIO4ALL OFF-LINE SETTINGS and will be able in I/O setup when you push “default” button, if you don’t see them already in input/output menu in Mix Window. If you get any clicks or cracks or wrong speed, this means that your system sample rate (44.1 or 48khz) is not the same as Pro Tools project session, so find the session setup and make it the same as your system default.

    That’s all, folks!

  6. Clay

    Hi, I’m having problem to enable the video engine. “Waiting for the video engine to launch” and It takes forever to finish loading.

    i’ve quicktime 7 installed and I’m using Windows 10. Anyone help please?

  7. Obraz do Kancelarii

    Your post is a treasure trove of knowledge! It’s evident that you have a passion for the subject and have taken the time to compile valuable information. Thank you for your hard work!


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