VI Labs Audio – True Cowbells (UVI Workstation, Falcon, Mach Five)

By | April 3, 2024


Publisher: VI Labs Audio
Website: True Cowbells
Format: SOUNDBANK (ufs)
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Very high quality percussion library. Can 3 cowbells really impress?
They can, if they are so successfully recorded from different microphone positions, with a large number of articulations.
Make a convenient, understandable interface with good features. Provide each cowbell with a separate pitch of 40 semitones, add resonance of controlled harmonics and Ensemble Mod.

To create the True Cowbells library, 3 different cowbells and 3 different microphone positions were used. The Story What do you do after you create one of the most comprehensive and well received virtual piano plug-ins on the market? You get to work. Introducing True Cowbells. The most comprehensive Cowbell plug-in ever developed.

We sampled three of the most popular cowbells on the market using different microphones. Choose close-up hits, the perspective from the player, or really explore the studio space with the room sound. You can even choose a “mix” position just like in (True Keys Pianos) to get a blend of all three microphone positions we recorded.

The Features True Cowbells gives you complete control of this majestic instrument. Control the bell pitch of each individual cowbell. Control the resonance of the cowbells with the resonance options. You can even turn on ensemble mode to hear all three cowbells and humanize the timing. Special surprises await those able to harness the full power of this instrument.

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