Versilian Studios – Marimba, Timpani, Hand Chimes, Dan Tranh Vietnamese Zither, Glockenspiel, Harpsichord (KONTAKT, VSTi, AU) [WIN.OSX]

By | September 28, 2016


The Prime Directive of Versilian Studios is “uncompromising authenticity; addicting playability.” We strive to create instruments that are naturally inspirational and unique, yet also realistic to the proper techniques and heritage of the instrument. There is nothing better to hear from a tester than “I just couldn’t stop playing it.”



· Versilian Studios Marimba KONTAKT WinX32-64Bit MacOSX / AU – Marimba is a relative of the xylophone, is distinguished by its large, usually semi-trubchatmi resonators, which is located under the keys, and a greater range than its smaller counterpart. Its history is complex, with early roots in Africa and Central America. Marimba is unique from many modern tools that the technique of playing it is still evolving. – Kontakt v5.4.3.307


· Versilian Studios Timpani KONTAKT WinX32-64Bit MacOSX / AU – tympanum, also known as the drums, are a set of 3-5 large cup-shaped drum, producing a strong, resonant tone. This virtual tool to sample more than 6. – Kontakt v4.2.4



· Versilian Studios Hand Chimes KONTAKT WinX32-64Bit MacOSX / AU – Hand chaymsy – a strange quirk of musical evolution and has a mellow sound that is best described as a cross between a xylophone, music box and celesta. They sound great in all kinds of textures, but, as we found out, they are really cool sound like arpeggios. – Kontakt v4.2.4



· Versilian Studios Dan Tranh Vietnamese Zither KONTAKT WinX32-64Bit MacOSX / AU – Daniel Chan – traditional Vietnamese zither. It is much longer than its European and American cousins, as well as a pentatonic system. 16-17 metal strings are located throughout the length of the tool with a jumper midway for each string. Traditional performance on this instrument looks like a bust of strings on one side of the webs using a mediator, and the tension of the strings to select the desired pitch on the other side of the bridges. The tool has an incredibly dynamic and unique sound, which is very difficult to sample and play. – Kontakt v5.4.3.307



· Versilian Studios Glockenspiel KONTAKT WinX32-64Bit MacOSX / AU – sample library is very sonorous instrument, a descendant of Carillon and because of the high notes even able to surpass the piccolo. Our instrument is recorded at close range, provides more rich luscious harmonic, not to mention the lovely quiet attenuation for those lovely songs about winter and snow, when your Celeste just silent. Unlike most of the sampled libraries of this tool, you get a full natural sound effects of a hammer and a full range of dynamics. If you do not like the sound of hammers, just add a high-pass filter, we will not object. – Kontakt v5.1



· Versilian Studios Harpsichord KONTAKT WinX32-64Bit MacOSX / AU – Harpsichord – kind of keyboard instrument with a history dating back to the Renaissance that preceded the modern piano for several hundred years. The only problem in the design of the harpsichord was that he lacked the ability to create dynamic natural. Therefore, we use a hand and foot switches to achieve different tones and volume, as bodies. This special harpsichord – a replica of baroque designs and includes two different switches. – Kontakt v5.4.3.307

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