Toontrack – EZbass v1.2.0 – Update Only (SAL, VSTi, VST3i, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | May 22, 2024


Release Year/Date : 05/18/24
Developer : Toontrack.
Developer’s website : Toontrack
Bit depth : 64bit
Tablet : Cured [CE-VR]
System requirements : WIN 7+

Description :
Update for Toontrack EZbass – Requires EZbass v1.0.0 installed .Changelog v1.2.0

General information :
● Added accessibility (screen reader) support.
● Plugin parameters (for automation) are now named the same as the effect knobs they control.
● Added a “Detach” submenu to the View menu.
● If the main EZbass libraries are not installed, they will now be available under a separate heading in the libraries menu.

● In Cubase and Nuendo versions 12.0.52 and above (and any other hosts that support the “IPluginCompatibility” added in VST SDK 3.7.5), EZbass can now be loaded into DAW projects created on “another OS” (macOS or Windows). For other hosts, an option has been added to Settings > Advanced allowing you to select whether EZbass VST 3 should use your Mac ID or Windows ID.

Song track
● Added the item “Import chords and song parts from the EZkeys project” to the track menu.

Grooves Tab
● Added “Show Web Shop MIDI” option.

Grid Editor
● In Disco EBX, the articulation menu now contains the heading “Muted Slap”.

Drums and Keys Tab
● When playing Snare rolls, there are fewer muted drum notes in the row than before.

Audio tracker
● Left/Right arrow keys can now be used to select the previous/next transient.

● In the MIDI input settings, the “Allow program change” option has been added (Bank Select in VST 3).
● MIDI input velocity conversions can now be saved as user presets.

Are common
● In Logic Pro on Apple silicon Macs, MIDI Out no longer crashes.
● In Studio One on Mac with the “hardware graphics acceleration” option enabled, the EZbass GUI should no longer be slow and choppy.
● Added workarounds for ACID Pro so that VST 3 plays audio and can receive MIDI from the host.
● Fixed a potential bug where MIDI was received when The Eighties Electronic was loaded and “Show played note information” was enabled.
● The Previous Preset button has never become inactive in sound libraries where the library preset menu starts with a title.

Song track
● Changing notes or blocks on a track may in some cases change/move notes in other blocks.
● Dragging chords from EZkeys 2 onto an EZbass song track could cause a crash.
● Deleting a chord using a keyboard shortcut may cause a crash.
● Key switches played along with the Repeater key were lost during recording.

Editing a Playback Style
● Fixed a potential crash when changing Amount.

Grooves Tab
● Dragging from Grooves with the “original key” active onto an empty song track did not set the correct key signature.
● When using Grooves in a detached Replace MIDI window, the Save Changes and Cancel buttons (in the main window) were not displayed.

Grid Editor
● Creating a slide from a note at the end of a block would create an incorrect slide two blocks later, resulting in a crash if the slide’s notes were adjusted.

Drums and Keys Tab
● Bass MIDI generated from EZkeys MIDI should now have the correct/same chords.
● Piano MIDI without bass notes generated poor bass MIDI.

Audio tracker
● While recording, clicking in the window with the Add tool previously selected may cause a crash.
● When “autoscroll” was disabled, starting/stopping playback did not scroll the view correctly.

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