Impact Soundworks – Tape Sculptor v1.0.2 – MOCHA (VST3, CLAP, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | May 22, 2024


Release Year/Date : 04/24/24
Developer : Impact Soundworks.
Developer’s website : Impact Soundworks
Format : VST3, CLAP, AAX.
Bit capacity : 64bit
Tablet : Cured [MOCHA]
System requirements : WIN 7+

Description :
Tape Sculptor is a new generation plugin that can go far beyond the usual
tape emulation and improve your products in completely new directions.
Created in collaboration with brilliant engineer Jatin Chowdhury.
Whether you want to add subtle warmth and color to your mastering, beef up drum and bass lines,
add lo-fi grain or extreme distortion,
or explore entirely new sound design possibilities, Tape Sculptor has it covered!

Characteristics :
Details :
The shining thing about Tape Sculptor is its versatility, allowing you to add subtle warmth and dynamics, add character through analog fat and saturation, add coherence and polish to your mix, add a vintage vibe, create space and depth, or completely transform your sound into a creative one. border-expanding area.
The second installment of the Sculptor series is a collaboration with cutting-edge engineer and DSP master Jatin Chowdhury. If you’re familiar with Jatin’s famous ChowTape Model, we’ve greatly expanded it, adding new features and completely redesigning the user interface for maximum efficiency and intuitiveness.
Tape Sculptor’s wide range of sounds is evident in the factory’s generous bank of presets – everything from fat, analog warmth ideal for hip-hop and R&B production, to grainy lo-fi, from alien space modulation to extreme destruction. Use the options in each module to fine-tune your sound, or create your own from scratch.
Tape Sculptor has been thoughtfully designed for ease of use and extensive control. All functions are located on one page, each module is easily switched, so adjusting the sound is fast and intuitive.
Processing Modules :
Multiple options in the Filter, Compressor, and Saturation modules allow you to shape exactly the sound you’re looking for: soften the signal with an adjustable analog filter slope, use a compressor to soften transients, or adjust the parallel compression slider for fuller dynamic range, customize saturation using the drive, bias and tone controls, as well as several hysteresis mode options.
Tape Sculptor accurately captures the details of tape recorder behavior to an astonishing degree. Emulate tape aging and wear over time using the Degrade module. Add the sound of a crinkled or twisted tape using the Chew module. Use the Loss module to simulate the unique signal loss pattern of a tape recorder. Add pitch bends using Wow and Flutter modules.
Finally, our new 4-channel Delay module lets you add dimension and depth to your sound with separate time, pan, and level controls.
About Jatin Chowdhury :
Jatinn is a software engineer and musician whose innovative work in the field of DSP has received widespread recognition in academia, among industry peers and users of his free ChodhuryDSP plugins. His pioneering research includes advanced analog simulation techniques, hardware emulation, and even the use of neural networks for DSP. His goals for creating superior audio tools and learning resources align perfectly with ours. Jatin and Impact Soundworks previously collaborated on Bass Sculptor.

Peculiarities :
Beautiful, modern interface : Zoom levels for easy viewing on everything from laptops to 4K screens…
Quick comparison of AB presets : Find your ideal sound by comparing different presets with each other, and easily copy parameters from one preset to another.
Extremely high-resolution processing : Control the quality of the physical model with 16x oversampling (705 kHz), linear phase mode, and saturation precision modes.
Easy and Efficient Operation : Easily run multiple instances without splashes or clicks. Save CPU time with options for real-time rendering, offline rendering, and animation disabling.
L/R and M/S processing modes : Stereo processing can be switched from left/right to mid/side.

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