Synchro Arts – Vocalign Pro 4.2.1 (VST3, AU) [OSX x64]

By | December 23, 2019


Release year : 2013
Version : Logic Pro X (v 4.2.2), Reaper (v. 4.2.1)
Developer : Synchro Arts
Developer’s site : synchroarts
Platform : Intel only
Interface language : English
Tablet : The program is treated (does not require data entry / enter any data)
System Requirements : Appleยฎ Macintoshยฎ OS X, Lion – Catalina

Description : VocALign is a unique audio editing tool from Synchroarts, with the help of which two audio signals are easily synchronized with the click of a button. The plugin significantly speeds up the performance of audio synchronization tasks and improves the quality of the result. The VST plugin comes to the rescue when mixing two vocals or backing vocals. When recording dubbing or instrumental parts, for example, a double track. The unique capabilities of VocALign Pro to tune two audio signals help in creating remixes, choosing the rhythm and step for the selected vocals, or even set the tempo. The program is also successfully used in post-production. VocALign automatically edits the duplicated dialog line so that it synchronizes with the original version in the movie or video. A dubbing actor can concentrate on the game, not on timing, and as a result get a perfectly synchronized dialogue.

27 thoughts on “Synchro Arts – Vocalign Pro 4.2.1 (VST3, AU) [OSX x64]

    1. Peter

      It auto-restarts your Mac after installation… Freaked me out a bit but the actual program works perfectly in Logic X. However I’m noticing that it creates files every time it is opened (about a few bytes) and then saves every .wav file of the aligned vocal files in your user/music folder… not sure if that’s supposed to happen. How would I uninstall this because I can’t seem to find what the hell the .dmg even did.

  1. Alexandre Silva

    Would really love if this came for Windows! Are there any plans for it?
    Thank you for all the hard work!

  2. replicants

    it seems they are stuck on windows version
    maybe is it too hard to crak for them ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. synthia

    it restarted my mac , my mac shut down like power cut , almost damaged my mac.i dont recommend this..

  4. PeterPan

    Windows Please =(
    I think about to buy this plugin…
    waiting since 1 Year for a functional win version.
    Nothing..No Chance

    So i will buy it when my money arrives

  5. johnpets

    hope there will be windows version in the future.,thanks

  6. Cornell Christian

    Restarted my Mac also and I was like oh no virus and then my mac restarted and bam I opened Ableton live 10 and open Vocalalign and it works PERFECTLY!!!!

  7. Bobocu Didi

    yeah,it would be nice to be a version for windows too

  8. Paid FL Studio PC Library Card Owner

    The year is 2032, my music career has already long since taken off, although at this point I can now just afford to buy a Mac, so it doesn’t matter anymore that it took 20 years to get Vocalign crack on PC finished.

    Please let me check out Vocalign for PC at my “local library” soon

  9. Andy


  10. narendra

    the page shows 404 error can anyone help or if can create a google drive link if you anyone still happens to have the setup file would really appreciate the effort..

  11. madman

    Please the windows version …………. i can’t find it anywere


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