500 3rd Party Libraries for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.6 – STEAM ONLY (OMNISPHERE)

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Release Year/Date : 04/17/2020
Developer : Spectrasonics Developer
Site : Spectrasonics
Description : 500 3rd Party Libraries for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.6 [STEAM ONLY] (OMNISPHERE)
Interface Language : English

This compilation is a collection of 500 3rd party Quick Install Banks for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.6.
Distribution is made in the ISO image format due to *.torrent file size limitations.

The Omnisphere synthesizer, the fruit of several years of development by Spectrasonics, is a brand new brand of virtual instruments. This epic synthesizer is based on completely new sound technologies, combining a wide variety of hybrid real-time synthesis methods, an epic library of psychoacoustic sounds, and many innovative features that have never been used before in either hardware or software synthesizers. Omnisphere is a product of Spectrasonics based on the patented STEAM engine which is the basis of all performance functions of Spectrasonics instruments. Instruments equipped with the STEAM multi-timbral engine provide many hybrid synthesis functions and include additional control functions. Technology based on the STEAM engine,


This compilation is a collection of third-party banks for quick installation and DOES NOT CONTAIN Omnisphere 2.6 and factory libraries
The ISO image contains ONLY a STEAM folder with 500 third-party libraries for Omnisphere, Keyscape and Trilian

It is recommended to install the latest version on a clean Omnisphere, with current Omnisphere, Trilian, Keyscape, Moog Tribute banks.
At the time of testing and release, the current versions of Omnisphere were (displayed when you start your Omnisphere installation):
Omnisphere Software 2.6.2c
Omnisphere Soundsources v2.6.1c
Omnisphere Patches v2.6.1c
Moog Tribute Patches v1.4e
Keyscape Soundsources v1.0.2
Keyscape Patches v1 .3c
Keyscape Creative Patches v1.1c
Trilian Soundsources v1.0.1
Trilian Patches v1.4.9c
Trilian VIP Patches v1.4.9c

This library makes absolutely no changes to your Omnisphere installation, much less how the factory libraries function.
Therefore, it is strongly recommended to make sure that your Omnisphere is working and that there are no problems, brakes, etc. BEFORE installing.

With a probability of 99%, all libraries that appeared in the public domain before 04/17/2020 are in this distribution.
For the normal functioning of such a large library, some changes have been made to the structure and naming of files and folders. This allows you to use all the patches without problems, but can cause patch loading errors in older projects if you have previously used components of this library with a different folder structure. Such situations are solved quite simply with the help of search and redirection, since the library is structured as much as possible.
– The peer-to-peer folder structure in the library with 500 banks is very inconvenient for practical use, so the banks of this manufacturer are grouped into subfolders. Since Omnisphere considers all subfolders in folders located in Patches to be part of the same bank, an unobvious problem arises: if there are the same patch names in subfolders, then only one of the patches can be loaded into Omnisphere. This problem is present, for example, in this distribution: rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5607192
For this reason, all the same file names in subfolders are renamed by adding numbers or letters to the patch name.

– With the proposed folder structure, subfolders are considered library categories, and categories in subfolders (third nesting level) are ignored. This can create some inconvenience when using banks that do not use categories in the patch name (for example, BELL, ARP, etc.). This is easily solved by switching to a peer-to-peer structure: we move the subfolders to the root of the Patches folder and delete the old folder with the prt_omn.index file. Restart Omnisphere, wait until the black screen disappears.
– Removed duplicate banks that came out under different names
– Removed empty folders
– Partially removed special characters in patch names (#,(,),{,},[,],–)
– Removed junk words in bank names (omnisphere, the, bank, library, sound, audio, vol, etc.)
– Roman numerals in bank names are replaced with Arabic
– If there are additional banks, all banks are numbered starting from the first, in the absence of subsequent banks removed numbering from the first
– Removed all unnecessary files that are not related to the functioning of the library (documents, images not used by Omnisphere, service files of operating systems and other garbage)
– Graphic covers have been added to some libraries

1. Mount the downloaded ISO image.
2. Copy (merge) all subfolders from the STEAM folder of the image to the STEAM folder of your Omnisphere installation.
3. Delete the file .\STEAM\Omnisphere\Soundsources\User\zmap.index in your STEAM folder.
4. After copying is completed, launch Omnisphere (application or plug-in) and wait until the tool interface appears instead of a black screen.
This process may take a long time, 10-30 minutes, depending on the speed of your computer.
At this time, the index files prt_omn.index and mlt_omn.index are created in the copied folders, and the zmap.index file, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the library, is recreated.

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