STL Tones – ACT: HUB Series v2024.06 – R2R (SAL, VST, VST3, AAX) [WIN x64]

By | June 13, 2024


Year/Date of Release : 06/09/24
Developer : STL Tones.
Developer’s website : STL Tones
Bit capacity : 64bit
Tablet : Present [R2R]
System requirements : WIN 7+

Description :
STL Tones is a world-famous software development company founded in 2016.
The company has quickly grown into one of the world’s leading developers of audio plugins and music software.

Included Plugins :
AmpHub (Iginite) vv1.7.1 : A comprehensive software-based electric guitar kit featuring an ever-expanding selection of stampbox, amp, cabinet, microphone and effects models to cover every guitarist’s needs for any genre.
ControlHub v2.0.8 : All-in-one mixing plugin: Download signal chain packs from top mixers and studios, create your own chains and share them with the world.
ToneHub v2.0.8 : A collection of guitar and bass tones from the biggest names in the industry.
Change log :
AmpHub version 1.7.1 :
• Added Meridian 31 amplifier model.
• Added new presets to the “STL Tones” bank.
• New presets have been added to the “Giacomo Pasquali” bank.
• Added the Obsidius Modern 3001 trample model (Darkglass® B3K v1).
• Added Obsidius Vintage stomp model (Darkglass® Vintage Microtubes).
• Added 4x10B Even XL (4 microphones) cabinet model (Eden 410XL).
• Added 4x10B Gaul K Reflex cabinet model (4 microphones) (GK 410 RBH).
• Added Analogy Princess Drive stomp model.
• Added Freddy Golden Drive trampler model.
• Added Vember JR Drive trampler model.
• Added mini-tuner mode.
• The main graphical interface of the tuner has been updated.
• Internal improvements.
• Added BigCat Sphynx V2 amplifier model.
• Added a list of devices and deactivation in the licensing system.
• New presets have been added to the “STL Tones” bank.
• The sorting of models for “friend or foe” users has been changed; now the owned models are shown first.
• Added the Kentaurus Drive stomp model.
• Added model of the Xordium Epsilon Boost stomp.
• The appearance of the model selector menu has been updated.
• Updated functionality for importing licenses using the “Browse” button.
• Fixed a bug where saved default settings were not recalled when replacing a model with itself.
• Fixed an issue that caused crashes when moving instances to Presonus Studio One.
ControlHub Version 2.0.8 :
• Added new reverb models – “Atmosphere” and “Detroit”.
• Added module locking function – locking the handles of certain modules when changing artist presets.
• Added function for connecting color module disks.
• Added Trace Exchange infinite scrolling feature. Minor visual improvements. Details :
• New reverb models add more functionality to the effects module in ControlHub with the inclusion of Atmosphere, a multi-dimensional model with shimmer, hall, plate and room modes. We’ve also included a new Detroit chamber reverb that’s perfect for adding a rich, vintage vibe to your tracks.
• Module Lock feature allows users to save all changes made to a specific module and hold those controls in place when loading new artist presets. This feature is useful when you’ve customized the ControlHub modules to match your track, but if you want to listen to other tonal options from other artist packs, simply lock the module with the lock icon and you’ll be free to browse without having to use your work.
• Volume Link in the color module connects the drive control and the volume input, which allows you to increase the drive, and reduce the volume control for greater gain in level.
• Small but important visual changes to the trace exchange, now with infinite scrolling when viewing custom traces and more uniform text throughout the trace exchange. • Added Howard Benson & Mike Plotnikoff Expansion Pack.
• Added Daniel Braunstein Expansion Pack.
• Licensing – added support for device management.
• Fixed a bug in the plugin bypass latency report in Pro Tools.
• Added Will Yip Expansion Pack (free for All Access members).
• Added Transient Designer sidechain filter type control.
• Resolved a latency issue that caused inaccurate results during null tests after a trace was created.
• Added Tue Madsen Expansion Pack (free for All Access members).
• Updated Maor Appelbaum Expansion Pack with new presets (free for All Access members).
ToneHub Version 2.0.0 :
Features :
• An all-new and redesigned user interface that includes a combined amp and cab view, a scrollable pedal view, and an easier-to-navigate list of preset packs. ToneHub Tracer :
– Amp tracing (with or without cab) that can be loaded in place of existing Artist/Amp Series presets.
– Tracer stompers that can be loaded using the three available tracer stompers, including in existing Artist/Amp series presets.
– Traces are fully controllable, with the ability to select a stack of timbres for amp traces.
– New dual-cab processor (contains 19 new cab models) and external IR loader for amp-only traces.
– Route browser with search, sorting and filtering functions.
– Trace Exchange for sharing and downloading traces from the ToneHub user community. • Preset Browser Filter – You can now filter the list of pack presets by custom selection of metadata entries
• Parameter Section Locking – Stomps, EQ and/or Effects sections can be locked to save parameter values ​​when loading pack presets
• Mini Tuner Display – View Select button Tuner can now display a mini tuner display that is always visible.
• Preset ratings – you can now assign each preset in the package its own rating 0-5.
New preset metadata : – Instrument (Guitar or Bass)
– Stamps
– Gain type (Clean, Low Gain, Mid Gain, High Gain)
– Gain level (0-10) • Random download button in the preset browser.
• New search function for packages and custom presets.
New user preset manager : – Presets are now stored in individual file folders rather than in bank files.
– Folders and files are now displayed in a tree view with a right-click function to perform file operations.
– New options for managing folders and files. • Added buttons to load the previous or next preset in the preset browser.
• Lock routing parameters to preserve routing value when loading custom presets.
• Added standalone application tempo controls to set the global tempo used by the Delay effects pedal, including a MIDI-controlled Tap Tempo button
• Added a tuner sensitivity control.
MIDI control functions have been added to the following parameters/controls : – Cab Mic X Position.
– Cab Mic Y Position.
– Delay effects pedal Tap Tempo button.
– Tuner viewing status. • Selectable appearance (light and dark themes)
Improvements :
List of preset packages : – The package list is now displayed in a more compact and legible list.
– When downloading, the status of owned/licensed packages is displayed.
– Improved keyboard interaction so that when you press symbol keys, the first package starting with the symbol you pressed is selected. Preset Browser : – The preset browser can now be hidden.
– Improved keyboard interaction so that the up and down arrow keys will instantly load presets without having to press Enter.
– Improved keyboard interaction so that symbol keys will now select the first table row for the sort column starting with the symbol pressed.
– Improved interface and keyboard interaction when working with the search text editor.
– Added a “Restore Factory Settings” option to the table header menu to quickly restore the original column settings.
– The Notes column in the Preset Browser now has a more appropriate default width.
– Cleaning up and improving the metadata text of preset packages. Tuner : – The Tuner view is now part of the main UI instead of being in a popup window.
– All Tuner settings are now saved/recalled between sessions.
– The tuner view selection button now switches between the tuner view and the previously selected view. MIDI : – The MIDI Settings view is now part of the main UI rather than a popup window.
– You no longer need to first load the user preset to which you want to assign a MIDI “load preset” message.
Standalone application :
– When closing the standalone version of an application using the “X” button, a warning window now prompts you to discard current unsaved changes – or cancel the closing process – rather than simply always saving the current settings.
– New individual application icon. Other : – Information about the currently loaded preset (name, package and some metadata) is now always visible – Added automatic inclusion of Stomps and FX status parameters when the status of any pedal in this section is enabled.
– The UI state is now fully restored when closing and reopening the plugin window during a session.
– The FX Tail Spillover toggle control has been moved from the hidden right-click menu to a button.
– Using the mouse wheel (or trackpad scroll gesture) to control a knob/slider will now cause the value label to be displayed.
– Parameters in the host now have correct value ranges/text (instead of just 0-1) and show units of measurement (compatible plugin formats only).
– Increased default window size.
Corrections :
List of preset packages : – Fixed an issue where changing the package list filter would select the wrong package.
– Fixed an issue where the wrong package was selected when loading custom presets.
– Fixed an issue where some packages were not listed in alphabetical order. Preset browser : – Fixed an issue where saved custom column layouts might not be recalled correctly.
– Fixed an issue where adjusting the table header when viewing one package did not cause changes to the header to be applied when viewing all packages, and vice versa.
– Fixed an issue where table sorting by a specific column would reset when changing packaging or changing the specified search text.
– Fixed an issue where sorting a table by a specific column would result in the wrong preset being selected.
– Fixed an issue where it was not possible to reset table sorting to default order. This can now be done by clicking on the column header a third time to disable it. MIDI : – Fixed an issue where changing existing MIDI bindings could cause other bindings to be deleted.
– Corrected the parameter names in the MIDI binding table for many parameters so that they match the names of other parameters in the plugin interface.
– Fixed an issue where sorting MIDI binding tables by MIDI messages did not work. Other : – Fixed an issue where the Routing value selector would not show all possible values ​​in some scenarios.
– Fixed an issue where the booth mic XY position control could disappear from the UI when controlling the Y position using a parameter in the host.
– Fixed an issue where the Delay FX Time label would not update when using the tap-tempo button or changing the Time parameter from the host.
– Corrected the names of many parameters in the host to match the names in the plugin interface.
– Fixed an issue where user-specified filenames could contain invalid characters or cause files to be hidden.
– Fixed an issue where changes to the Stomp status, EQ status, FX status and FX spillover parameters were not added to the undo/redo queue.
– Fixed a crash of the standalone application when turning off the output and loading stereo presets.
– Fixed an issue where UI control values ​​would “jump” to the correct values ​​when changing display views.

Installation/Registration :
Uninstall previous versions.
Clear previous licenses in the “%PUBLIC%\Documents\STL\” folder.
.account, *.trl, *.sub, *.lic
Be careful, Team VR sets the “system” attribute for these files.
On some computers it should be invisible.
For newbies who can’t find the previous license:
Open a command prompt. And enter the following commands.

cd %PUBLIC%\Documents\STL
attrib /s -s -h -r

All files should now have normal attributes.

block access to

We can see which hosts the application is trying to connect to,
but it would be preferable if the user blocked all connections using a firewall or something similar.
We always test our releases only on a standalone computer.

Before launching the application, run our keygen and register the product.


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