Steinberg – Cubase Pro 12.0.20 Team V.R – Intel/Apple – K-ed [macOS]

By | June 16, 2022


Release year : 2022
Version : 12.0.20
Developer : Steinberg Developer
site :
Platform : Intel/Apple Silicon Universal
Interface language : Russian + English
Tablet : Program cured
System requirements : Mac OS 11 Big Sur/Mac OS 12 Monterey

Description : It is very convenient to create, mix, record music by means of the Steinberg Cubase sound workstation. A rich selection of virtual instruments, the use of advanced technologies and an extensive audio library of ready-made elements for soundtrack design turn the work of sound recording into a creative process that ensures the realization of ideas of any complexity and guarantees high-quality results. Cubase contains all the necessary tools for developing, mixing and recording sound compositions by beginners, and is also applicable for home use.



0. disable SIP (disable SIP)
1. Install Steinberg Library Manager
2. Install Steinberg Cubase 12
Team VR

6 thoughts on “Steinberg – Cubase Pro 12.0.20 Team V.R – Intel/Apple – K-ed [macOS]

  1. axysrma

    Many many Thanks was searching Cubase pro for Mac for a long time.

    Thank you for the link downloaded and installed as per the instructions and currently working fine.

    Running on Mac M1 Monterey

    Will run some projects and plugins and will share if there are any issue/updates.

  2. Alex

    I can’t seem to get any signal in output, for example when i connect my guitar to my Focusrite Scarlet.

    USB devices like my electronic drumkit work fine, it’s just signals that go through the audio interface that don’t get recognised by Cubase. I’m on Mac Monterey

  3. axysrma

    facing the same…. even the kontakt and wave plugins do not work after SIP disabled.

  4. Andy

    hey guys! problem with Catalina! SIP disablied but when i run cubase open a message ” No licence found the app will be closed now” any tips?


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