Steinberg Cubase Pro 10.5 [WiN x64]

By | March 18, 2020




Year / Release Date : 2020
Version :
Developer : Steinberg
Developer website :
Bit : 64bit
Interface language : Multilingual (Russian is present)
System requirements : Windows 7/8/10 64-bit, Intel Core or AMD processor, 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended), 15 GB disk space.

Description : Cubase is one of the most powerful music software packages in the world. Cubase Pro has VariAudio, Sidechain, Control Room.
Add. Information : If anyone needs … then from the New folder, copy everything with a replacement in the folder with Cubase installed. There are additional VST.

Installation :
1.eLicenser Control Center
2.Soft-eLicenser bundle b15.
3.Cubase 10.5 Pro Install
After installation, there will be two startup icons .. – DC Cubase icon — Launches Cubase with delay compensation

50 thoughts on “Steinberg Cubase Pro 10.5 [WiN x64]

  1. ChrisPaxis

    This is so good. I’ve been looking for this for long time. Thanks man

  2. Cubase 10.5 Love it!!!!

    Same here the last version i used was Ver. 5. And this one works like a dream!!!!

  3. Avengers Music

    no work with win7…error when i stry to open cubase wtf it s wrote compatible with win 7!!!!!!!!!

  4. Liu Wang

    It works in Win 7, but you need to have SP3 and Platform Update, also Visual C 2017

  5. Liu Wang

    Sorry, I wrote SP3, but I correct, is Windows 7 SP1+Platform update and Visual C++ 2017, casualty the same requirement as Studio One 4

  6. Liu Wang

    For the proper function you need to run this version as administrator or make the shortcut an administrator by right click-Properties-Compatibility-Privilege Level combo box.

  7. Avengers Music

    i saw, im sorry to my hungry messagge 🙂 ii got win10 on laptop and win7 sp1 (not updated on studio desktop), so i was sad but not cause u :):):):) i decided to instal win 10 on studio desktop too, i ll do it today so i will not have other problems with other daws and tools for lots of years…. u know when u work whit it, all producers hate the day that they must formatt cpu and install new sys when the day will come. and today is my day to pass from win7 to win 10 and u know there aren t updates for win7, all the updates starts from win8 to 10, i was a donk to not update it before 🙂 but u know, hey, no prob. today i setup my win10 and i ll work with this great crack. i just installed on my laptop and it work good, unbeleavable, tnx for all guys! really appreiciate ur work. this is the first crack work good, the last one from dc3 was nice but with some bugs problem but this crack quite good. it s not perfect yet cause sometimes crash but u did much better work fixing lots of bugs probs and we can use it to produce good so tnx a lot! hope u will fix soon this little problem with crash. stay good, cheers!

  8. Avengers Music

    still crash with heavy plugins… or remain blocked whe u want exit and close cubase. hope fix those bus soon. all the rest work good!

  9. Alexx

    Guys, you are seriously the best. Thank you so much, this is really something I’ve been looking for. Love you!!

  10. Liu Wang

    fbvnstream. You cannot use our site to make that kind of dirty jobs

  11. Διονύσης Νέγκας

    i have a problem,when i install the 2.Soft-eLicenser bundle b15 it appears this msg
    c:programs files x86 error something with synopsos ….

  12. Διονύσης Νέγκας

    The exact message appears near the end of instalation ” c:/program files(x86)elicenser/POS/SYNSOPOS.EXE
    any idea what is the problem?

  13. Vladimir Roganof

    Διονύσης Νέγκας, uninstall everything, remove any Steinberg and eLicenser folder in Program Data and from your user roaming folder restart PC, Install eLicenser Control Center, when installation finish it will ask you to update licenses please don’t press Ok, press CANCEL then continue with the rest of the procedure, restart PC just run cubase apps and never click to any eLicenser app.

  14. red

    after step 1 is there any need of internet connection for performing maintenance task

  15. Titoy

    Hi ! Thanks for this torrent!
    I’ve got a problem … When i try to install ”3.Cubase 10.5 Pro Install” after 1 et 2, i(v got this message : ”Error 23 while opening this file”

  16. AJ

    Tried it twice: I keep getting: “No valid license found. The program will quit now.” Done the steps as in instructions… what am I doing wrong?

    1. Mosan

      Have you solved it yet im still getting message No valid license

  17. Vladimir Roganof

    Please don’t make maintenance task or you will loose the crack, press cancel to maintenance task!

  18. Marek Gall

    SYNSOPOS.EXE always deleted by eset Internet Security as trojan.

  19. Mick

    vst bass amp rack plugin no work:freeze everything,canot quit,exit plugin or cubase,must to restart computer, or switch off! oh,yes there is mesage that: FCP SMT 05 Reverence-Impulse…not found.But in folder Content-vst sound yes this vst or whatever is.What to do.Rest work exelent

  20. kadaj

    The step 1 stops at the end, at the configuration of the components. I disinstalled last version of elicenser. What I gave to do?

  21. Mick

    me again,about bass amp. message is:”cannot locate Speaker Impulse Response File:FCP_SMT_005_Reverence_ImpulseLibrary__04.vstsound”.i need help

  22. Édipo

    Esta versão não esta corrigindo automaticamente a latência gerada pelos plugins!!!
    This version is not automatically correcting the latency generated by the plugins !!!

  23. Alexis

    Very unstable version, it crashes almost everything… if you add or remove a track while playing probably you’ll get a long freeze time or a crash.

  24. Niggy

    This app still needs a lot more of work. It’s crashing every now and then. Especially when loaded a vst plugin or when you try to open a song created with lower version of cubase.

  25. Christos

    Vladimir Roganof

    I have problem with e licenser control center on cubase pro 10.5 cracked
    I have a mistake and make maintenance task. i have loose the crack? What is the solution in this mistake?

  26. Steve

    Vladimir Roganof

    you have problem with e licenser control centre on cubase pro 10.5 cracked? how? setup is simple, easy!
    yep, you have made a (Simple) mistake and make maintenance task (oh man, WHY!?) The solution in this mistake is just remove e license centre, check EVERYTHING has been removed – locate original e license exe file which you already downloaded, reinstall without maintenance check! all will be working (Close e license, Launch Cubase Pro,

  27. Vladimir Roganof

    Christos, i was going to answer but steve stole my answer(lol) follow what steve toll.

  28. Jeffrsn

    Hi! I received an error 1003 while registering license. Any suggestions?

  29. Alino Le King

    je voudrais le mot de pass de fichier winrar qui contient le cubase 10.5

  30. Mosan

    After install it says no valid license, is it because I had my old Cubase 5 still in the computer?

  31. mosan

    its still saying no valid license can someone please tell me what im doing wrong
    Do I have to be online when I install the elicense and the soft license?
    When I open the e license, it has no licenses in it

  32. Mosan

    Admin Please can you help? Ive been getting No valid license everytime and I have installed and reinstalled several times. I really need this to work please cos my Cubase 5 is slow and I need 64 bit….please ,please, please

  33. Crusty

    Anyone have solved latency problem when load plugins?
    simple to notice: duplicate a track and insert plugins in one of them.
    This version of cubase is not doing the automatic compensation.
    is this a bug or i’m doing something wrong? thanx.

  34. Ricardo

    This software as two launch icons “Cubase 10.5” and “Cubase 10.5 DC”.
    If you launch the Cubase 10.5 icon, it works like a charm, and doesnt crash at all, but they didnt fix the problem of the latency. If you launch the Cubase 10.5 DC icon, the problem of the latency is solved but as soon as you insert a simple plugin, it crashes all the time and you cant do nothing, it happens all the time, and its impossile to do something.
    Hope that they fix this soon, cause im going crazy :/

  35. Mihir

    Can I surf Internet while i’m using CUBASE 10.5 Pro ?


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