Spitfire Audio – Albion Collection – Repack UNLOCKED (KONTAKT)

By | January 22, 2023

Publisher: Spitfire Audio
Website: Spitfire Audio
Format: KONTAKT 5.8.1
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: All 5 Albions in one collection

Additional Information :
That’s all it takes to create cinematic music in one build.
It is based on a 109-piece orchestra accompanied by a thunderous cinematic percussion sector.
Add to that warp-based loops, created by wonderful music masters,
plus a huge steam synth – it’s no surprise that Albion ONE is our most famous orchestral sample library.
Perfect for first graders and established composers, this industry standard product is the perfect place to start your film journey.

Everything you need to write beautifully detailed and esoteric TV, movies and games.
This volume includes a fine sampling and enchanting section with a chamber size,
esoteric woods and brass, new cinematic drums, unusual eccentric loops and inspiring organic synth.

Albion 3 – Consisting of huge cello, bass, brass and wood sections, along with thunderous cinematic percussions,
super-cool loops and some of the lowest hybrid synths.
Iceni is a low-end anthology. If a thick orchestral thing is your thing, with
mixing it with dubstep, drums and bass, you need to insert the keys into the lock of this monster!

Part IV of a widescreen range of compositional tools that give you everything you need to make modern music from one box.
Albion IV features large ensembles playing over 800 unique and unusual atonal, aleatoric and “progressive” articulations.
Presented alongside an epic collection of nearly 200 perverse orchestral hybrids equipped with an eDNA simulator.

Having captured a Scandinavian brass band, we tasted a 100-piece orchestra playing never tasted the instructions on the very edge of silence.
Along with the orchestral content, there are bellows, percussion, and a distinctive perverse synth section.
All you need to take it down to a degree or two!

If you decide to use this assembly, remove all registration information from the registry and the service center about previously installed versions. It won’t be needed anymore. (This is not required).
1. Installation is not required – all patches are unlocked. (the ADD LIBRARY command does not need to be used). You can use a licensed version of NI KONTAKT without registering the library online.
2. The structure of the tool folder has been simplified.
3. Sample containers repackaged. Duplicate samples have been removed.
4. Protected scripts are unlocked.
5. The .nki patch names have been simplified. (Without too much enthusiasm. Just removed unnecessary rubbish from them)
6. Fixed error displaying the contents of folders with IRs in the browser.
7. It is possible to add a library to the LIBRARY Kontakt list (only for beauty, if you wish)

14 thoughts on “Spitfire Audio – Albion Collection – Repack UNLOCKED (KONTAKT)

  1. pandaflip

    I could not get previous releases of Albion II Loegria to run except in Demo mode. I saw a heated debate about this Albion collection taking place on Audiosex – the debate was whether the nicnt file in this release could possibly work. I can happily confirm that this clever repack works perfectly and loads into the library browser – it’s rather more than a repack to be fair. Even Albion II now runs in full mode on M1 in Kontakt 6.7.1. and 7.1.3 (MORiA releases).
    If the creator ever decides to roll in Solstice and Neo it would be even better.

  2. Leo

    should i replace the Albion one with the vers 1.7 or they are the same? the UI on the 1.7 is different from the one in this collection

  3. Adelly S.

    This works great, thank you! It was able to separate the libraries for the sake of my OCD with my kontakt organization.

  4. pandaflip

    To install for Kontakt 7 on a Mac I used KiTTY Kontakt Library Script. Use the Add Library.command in Terminal, pointing to the nicnt file which was created for the bundle. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about then Google Kontakt KiTTY script; the first couple of hits should lead you to the download and full how to. If you get stuck then message again and I’ll try to help,

    Good luck.

  5. Wins

    hey, a bit of a noob question here maybe: they are all in “demo” mode in kontakt, did I miss a step?

  6. Pandaflip

    Are you using a cracked version of Kontakt? I use Kontakt 7 MORiA and K.6.7.0.macOS-TRAZOR-U2B-COMP on my Mac.

  7. Sam

    I’m so frustrated, I spent the whole day to download this library but now it says “demo”. Can someone please help me with this

  8. Pandaflip

    Are you sure you’re using the correct cracked Kontakt? Did you install the version I’ve indicated a couple of posts above? If it says DEMO then the problem isn’t the library, it’s the version of Kontakt.
    If you’ve installed the Kontakt version above then you could try writing your own NICNT file using Kontakt Library Utility KiTTY scripts. If you don’t know what I’m talking about and Google isn’t helping then post here again so I can help (not sure if I can post details to other sites but have a look here: https://audiosex.pro/threads/kontakt-6-7-m1-some-libraries-not-showing.63978/#post-690260

  9. Sam

    This looks too complicated, can you please help me do it simply? I tired to read the posts in the link you sent me but wouldnt understand well. can you make it lil easier!

  10. Pandaflip

    It’s literally a step-by-step walkthrough. I can’t explain what steps to take in any a more simple way than already last out in this excellent post. At what stage are you getting stuck?
    I can’t remember from memory if this post has its own wallpaper included – it probably doesn’t as I think the included nicnt file worked fine – the nicnt file has the wallpaper written into it. But if you need to make your own nicnt file then downloaded and Spitfire Albion wallpaper from the site linked to in the walkthrough. Then just follow each step in turn. It will create an nicnt file for you. Place it into the folder replacing the included nicnt file (best put the original file somewhere safe just in case). From there just follow each step exactly. There’s nothing difficult here. It should be done in 1 minute. Definitely works so long as you’re using cracked Kontakt.


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