Spectrasonics – Omnisphere v2.3.2h, Trilian v1.4.3d, Moog Tribute v1.2c, Keyscape v1.0.2c + Keyscape Creative Patches v1.0e + 170 Libraries (AAX, STANDALONE, VSTi) [Win x64 x86]

By | October 29, 2018

Year / Release Date : 01/01/2018
Version : v2.3.2h
Developer : Spectrasonics
Developer website : Spectrasonics
Digit capacity : 32bit / 64bit / AAX
Interface Language : English
Tabletka : Present
System requirements : Windows: 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
Processor: 2.4 GHz and higher
RAM: 4GB minimum, 8GB recommended
This plug-in requires DAW (Cakewalk Sonar / FL Studio / Cocos Reaper / Steinberg Cubase, etc.)

The Omnisphere synthesizer, the fruit of several years of development by Spectrasonics, is a completely new brand of virtual instruments. This epic synthesizer is based on completely new sound technologies, combining a wide variety of real-time hybrid synthesis methods, an epic library of psychoacoustic sounds, and many innovative features that have never been used before either in hardware or software synthesizers. Omnisphere is a Spectrasonics product based on the patented STEAM engine, which is the basis of all the performance functions of Spectrasonics tools. Instruments equipped with the STEAM multitimbral engine provide many hybrid synthesis functions and include additional control functions. The technology based on the STEAM engine provides the ability to work with 64-bit applications and new operating systems. All Spectrasonics’ virtual instruments based on the STEAM engine interact with each other.


Important information:
Since the size of the torrent file exceeds the allowable on the tracker, the creation of images was necessary. The total size of the distribution is 180Gb.
Number of libraries (Single and Multi) ~ 170

With regards to the previous distribution and its updating files from the current
This is not worth doing, since many files are connected to each other and are located in different folders. Therefore it is worth downloading the distribution completely.

Video with full installation of this distribution from beginning to end (without editing)

Video from frontov
I’m here at your leisure brought your video to mind (sped up the tightened moments and wrote a tick on the attribute)

Keyscape and Trilian skins are only 64 bits wide. Omnisphere is 32bit / 64bit / AAX
Keyscape and Trilian will work in 32bit Omnisphere

Please note that there are 2 images in the distribution: the Settings Library and User in the Files folder. Their contents must be properly placed.
The Settings Library folder from the Settings Library image must be placed in STEAM \ Omnisphere, and the CONTENTS of the User image in STEAM \ Omnisphere \ Soundsources \ User
Only after these actions it is worth proceeding to the Installation item.

1. Copy the Omnisphere file from the Files folder of the required bit depth: x86 / x64 / aax to the folder where your plug-ins and synthesizers are located.
For example: C: \ Program Files \ VSTPlugins
(After copying this file, make sure that its properties are not ticked only for reading. It must be removed, otherwise it will not work to patch this file)

2. Disable your antivirus (otherwise your DAW will crash with an error) in order to patch the Omnisphere.dll file and register it correctly

3. Run KeyGen.exe (as administrator) and press the PATCH button in the running KeyGen

4. Go to the opened window along the path where you copied the Omnisphere file from 1 point and open it in KeyGen. In a few seconds, the following message should appear in KeyGen: Successfully patched! Close KeyGen!
Go to the path C: \ ProgramData (the ProgramData folder is hidden by default in Windows. It is necessary to enable the display of hidden files in the settings)
Create a folder Spectrasonics in the folder ProgramData and go to it
Next, create a folder in the Spectrasonics folder on the STEAM folder (you need to choose the path where you saved the main Spectrasonics folder from the distribution and select the STEAM folder in it)
For example: E: \ Spectrasonics \ STEAM

5. Start your DAW (You need to rescan your plug-ins and synthesizers for new ones, if it does not support this function in automatic mode) and load Omnisphere into it
Next, a window appears with the registration of Omnisphere from which you want to copy the Challenge Code by pressing the COPY button
Launch again KeyGen
Next, paste the copied Challenge Code into KeyGen in the same Challenge Code line and presses the GENERATE button
The serial number is generated in KeyGen, which must be copied and pasted into the Omnisphere registration window in the Response Code line by pressing the PASTE button
KeyGen is no longer needed, close it
Next, press the CONTINUE button and in the following Omnisphere registration window will appear that the plugin must be reopened in your DAW (To do this, unload (delete) the plugin from the DAW and load it again).

6. It is necessary to wait some time (about 5 minutes) while Omnisphere will scan all the paths and create the necessary files. It will seem that your DAW is stuck and nothing happens. Do not take action at this moment. After the scan is complete, the Omnisphere window appears.

The following discussion focuses on the Keyscape and Trilian shells (If you use only the Omnisphere shell, then there is no need to read more)
Distribution also contains Keyscape and Trilian shells (dll files). They can also be used, but not necessarily, since the Omnisphere shell has a lot more options for working with Keyscape and Trilian.
It will be necessary to copy the Keyscape.dll and Trilian.dll files from the Files folder to the folder where your plugins and synthesizers are located.
For example: C: \ Program Files \ VSTPlugins
Trilian has its own Keygen, which is located in the Files folder and has the name Trilian KeyGen.exe
For Keyscape, use the regular KeyGen.exe (the one that activates Omnisphere)
It is worth paying attention that the Keyscape.dll and Trilian.dll files do not need to be patched!
The activation process is exactly the same as in Omnisphere. I will attach only screenshots with a sequence of actions.
It is also worth noting that your DAW is most likely to crash when Keyscape is activated (this may happen several times during the activation process)

Errors and solutions:
1. You should pay attention to the images of the Settings Library and User. The Settings Library folder from the image must be placed in STEAM \ Omnisphere, and the CONTENT OF the User image in STEAM \ Omnisphere \ Soundsources \ User
If you make a mistake when copying files from images, you will see a number of such notifications:

2. Allowed to use only English. That is, it is not necessary to place the Spectrasonics folder from the distribution into any folders in Russian and other languages.
The most successful option is to create the shortest path for this folder (place it in the root of the disk in order to avoid any problems).
For example: E: \ Spectrasonics
If you make a similar error, you will see the following notifications:

3. A very common problem are errors when loading certain tools.
The essence of them is the same, but the names of the tools may be different.
There are 4 zmap.index files in which paths are written. You can delete any of these files (you can do it all at once) if you have errors loading the tools.
These files will be created the next time you start Omnisphere (it will take about 5 minutes).
STEAM \ Keyscape \ Soundsources \ Factory \ Keyscape Library
STEAM \ Omnisphere \ Soundsources \ Factory \ Core Library
STEAM \ Omnisphere \ Soundsources \ Factory \ Moog Tribute Library
STEAM \ Omnisphere \ Soundsources \ User
There is also one Trilian prt_trl.index file that is recommended to be deleted.
STEAM \ Trilian \ Settings Library \ Pathces \ Factory \ The Unfinished Trilian Humankind Patches
What these errors look like:

If you see the Error 634A2 error message (or encoded text) in the Challenge Code line when you start (activate) in Omnisphere, Trilian or Keyscape, you must delete the corresponding activation file for a particular synthesizer on the path C: \ ProgramData \ Spectrasonics
AUDIO13.DAT – Trilian File
AUDIO16.DAT – Omnisphere File
AUDIO18.DAT – Keyscape File

Screenshots of library names

Single Pathes:

Multi Patches:

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  1. Sxulpture

    Hey man, i really cant thank you enough. i ve spent months trying to figure out an error in keyscape. Finally it was your solution that worked. i dont know if omnisphere will or not but either way. thank you so much <3

  2. Neon

    other works fine but I can’t patch Keyscape. What should I do? thanks for uploading.

  3. Praize

    Hello, how can I get only trilian bass standalone with it’s library??
    Thanks alot!!


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