Sound Ideas – Noise Generator Production Elements Collection (WAV)

By | November 21, 2016


Noise generator is a mother-lode of organically-based real sound design production elements, no ‘re-synthesized synthesizer’ crap here, just a huge variety of real sounds grotesquely twisted, dismembered, smacked, & verbally abused. Sounds that would perfectly accent video transitions, graphic packages or footage of exploding livestock — creative, attention getting elements that offer creativity up the wazoo – or anywhere else you may want it.

This four disc collection of radio imaging elements was designed to sound COMPLETELY different than the tired, old early 90’s FM-radio-ish lasers, white noise sweeps and synthesizer stuff that puts most of us to sleep. So after months of asking producers what they wanted in a sound design package, we had our mission: create a collection of sounds that would stand out and physically knock people off their feet.

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