Sony – Manhattan Flutes (WAV)

By | July 11, 2024


Publisher: Sony
Format: WAV
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Flute loops played by jazz virtuoso Mattan Klein. Manhattan Flutes is the work of Berklee-trained, globetrotting jazz flute virtuoso Mattan Klein. From the stage at Carnegie Hall to the most far-flung places on the map, Mattan’s award-winning sound has been heard and recorded over decades of non-stop live performance and session work. Now, the Sony Sound Series roster is graced with Mattan’s Manhattan Flutes. A rare title consisting of 100% jazz flute samples, Manhattan Flutes is Premium Collection of goods through and through – a 24-bit, Artist Integrated, overstuffed, and superbly organized collection of incredible jazz flute themes and improvisations.

Manhattan Flutes is loaded with 634 ultra-high fidelity jazz flute samples that you can use anywhere, anytime — royalty free, and engraved with all the metadata that makes Sound Series loops the best. For the ultimate music-making experience, take it to the Artist Integrated level and layer Manhattan Flutes over our incredible What It Is! funky music construction kit. Work with the very same stuff that Mattan jammed over during the Manhattan Flutes recording sessions — funky rhythm sections burned down to two-inch, 24-track analog tape for an absolutely bulletproof vintage sound.

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