Sonuscore – FRAGMENTS – modern percussion (KONTAKT)

By | June 20, 2024


Publisher: Sonuscore
Website: FRAGMENTS – modern percussion
Format: KONTAKT (6.7+)
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: noises and non-traditional percussive sounds A fresh percussion instrument that takes its cues from the rhythms of the city. FRAGMENTS – MODERN PERCUSSION combines fragments of organic sounds to create refreshing and complex, understated rhythms and beats that work well in both cinematic, ambient and experimental contexts.
Capture the unpredictability of human nature with our deep randomization capabilities, opening up limitless variations for your rhythms. FRAGMENTS – MODERN PERCUSSION makes it easy to define new sequences or subtly fill in gaps and create a stunning cacophony of chaotic slaps, beats and kicks. And all in SONUSCORE style – with the turn of a knob.

Additional Information :

  • FRAGMENTS – MODERN PERCUSSION is an original percussion instrument that takes inspiration from everyday noises and non-traditional percussive sounds.
  • FRAGMENTS – MODERN PERCUSSION’s intricate rhythms come from three sequencers linked to independent sound slots.
    Make your cinematic and ambient compositions stand out using FRAGMENTS – MODERN PERCUSSION .
  • FRAGMENTS – MODERN PERCUSSION is a percussive instrument that captures the spirit of the post-postmodern day.

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