SonicCouture – GuZheng v2.0.0 (KONTAKT)

By | January 31, 2020


Publisher : SonicCouture
Website : soniccouture
Format : KONTAKT \ KONTAKT 5 PLAYER 5.6.8+
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : SonicCouture Guzheng is a traditional Chinese instrument dating from the Qin Dynasty (c. 200 BC to all of us). He is the ancestor of Japanese koto, as well as several other zither-like instruments from East Asia. Modern Guzheng typically has 21 strings on drawbridges, as well as steel or nylon strings, although silk was used in ancient instruments.
Usually, the notes are plucked with the right hand by the player wearing the flagships from the tortoise shell. Sometimes virtuoso performers use fingers on both hands. Other game techniques include tremolo, harmonics and wide glissandos.
The Guzheng instrument page has 3 articulation switches, envelope and filter controls for generating sound, as well as Pitch Bend, Tremolo, Strum modules.
Guzheng has a number of custom processors to recreate Guzheng’s technique and smooth expression.


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  1. Aaron McKay

    trying to load it up and it says the instrument belongs to a library that isn’t installed, but it is? know what to do?


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