reFX – Nexus 4 v4.5.13 Rev3 – CE-V.R (VSTi, VST3i, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | October 15, 2023


Release Year/Date : 10/15/23
Developer : reFX.
Developer’s website : reFX
Format : VSTi, VSTi3, AAX.
Bit capacity : 64bit
Tablet : cured [CE-VR]
System requirements : WIN 7+

Revived, new and shiny,
ReFX Nexus has been a staple in the industry for decades. The collection of unique presets has made it popular among many aspiring producers.

Changes v4.5.13
New : Added the ability to modulate shell layers and lf layers.
Bugfixes : Improved stability and fixed general bugs.

Rev.3 – new fake auth server fixed .


Installation note from Chuck @comment below :

Uninstall: delete all locations via installed nexus dll

Install this revision. Do Not Open

Open : C/Windows/System32/Drivers/ETC/Hosts
edit host via notepad
add this Host Addressed


Then Open Enjoy!

34 thoughts on “reFX – Nexus 4 v4.5.13 Rev3 – CE-V.R (VSTi, VST3i, AAX) [WiN x64]

  1. Chuck

    Unistall: delete all locations via installed nexus dll

    edit host via notepad: save

  2. Chuck

    Install this revision: Do Not Open add TO Host Addressed Above, Then Open Enjoy!

    1. Admin Post author

      link has been tested and working fine. Please install torrent software first or check your Connection, Firewall, and Antivirus for allow torrent download.

  3. Andrewsix

    Everything is fine, no scams, no problems. Thanks a lot.
    If somebody can’t save “hosts” notepad file, press search button, type notepad and run as administrator. In this one go to file>open> C/Windows/System32/Drivers/ECT/Host >paste ip adresses> and save it

  4. grasshopper

    I don’t understand where to put the IP adresses. Can’t find the folder

  5. Kevin

    I see, that makes sense. How do i install it, is there a guide somewhere that I can follow?

  6. Andrewsix

    Press search button type “notepad” and run program as administrator.

    In notepad press file>open> and find in C/Windows/System32/Drivers/ECT/Host > press (all files) down here in options, open this file and paste ip’s near in notepad, no matter where, and save it.

  7. Tony Binion

    So while using nexus, when i click on a preset, id doesnt play the preview of what it sounds like, it only does that for like this one folder in called XP vintage bonus, in there i can click the sound i want and it will play before i actually double click and set it, i dont want to have to double click on every sound, then play it on the keys just to hear it, i want the old way where i can just click the sound i hear it instantly, why does it work for one thing but not the other,

  8. Andrewsix

    Tony, it happens when the path of expansion packs or nexus 4 is assigned wrong. When you start installation, You have to check where banks and nexus was installed before (probably on another disc or folder than this one indicated during installation) You don’t have to install it on Disc C:/ but You need assign it on right place.

  9. Loverboy1441

    It works, but I cannot see any of my libraries, even after changing location and having them all saved. It just loads to 1 preset.

  10. Chuck


    Place Library Content Folder at desired Drive, place (update_nexus_library_location.exe) in the “Nexus Library Folder” to have nexus direct to where the library exist. click the update_nexus_library_location.exe and content library should open in nexus,

    follow these steps:

  11. DatGuyG

    still receive “Expansion not installed” Error after following all steps

  12. aij

    hi Admin, i do not have a password on my laptop and when i try activate it it does not work, just says incorrect password.

  13. Jack

    Hello. I just downloaded Nexus, but it came with no presets? How do I fix that?

    1. Admin Post author

      This is just the main software installer, while for the Nexus library you can find it by searching on this site. Because the entire Nexus library is 500 GB – 2 TB, this is very large when put together in one torrent.

  14. Jack

    Oh, alright. I downloaded the Guitar preset from this site, how do I put it into my Nexus correctly?

  15. Paul

    Once the host file has been changed and Nexus opened we can then change host file back to normal ?

  16. Adrian Błoński

    I did everything as everyone explained – changed Nexus Content route in docs (in my case it’s E:\reFX\Nexus Content) and yet i don’t see any presets….

    Please can anyone help?

  17. tobi

    Can someone explain to me those instuctions like I’m four? Wdym with delete via installed dll? And “do not open” what?

  18. brer

    it keeps asking me for the password after uninstalling and adding via host the ports

  19. blakk MATR

    Ok… for those of you having issues. The file extension is NOT “ect” its etc. If you can’t find it via the given file extension that was mistyped twice just go directly to the system32 folder or google how to. Open the folder that says “drivers” then the folder the says “etc” then finally the file that says “hosts”(also mistyped). From that point open the file using widows and choose notepad. Enter the IP addresses that were given (I actually put the number sign # to the left and added a few spaces when doing so to follow the current format) then save to desktop as it will not allow you to choose admin when opening the file and will not allow you to save in the folder. After just take the “hosts” notepad file you saved from the desktop and replace it in the system32 “etc” folder and remove the old file. Mine opened up fine after this. Also the save to other disk fix does work if you have the Nexus Library on another drive. Your welcome.


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