Prime Loops – Complex Electro Synths (WAV)

By | July 11, 2024


Publisher: Prime Loops
Format: WAV
Quality: 24 bit | 44.1 kHz | stereo

Description :
The radical aesthetic of Dubstep’s hip sounds has taken over the globe and is still in vogue even as you read this review! Prime Loops brings us over 800Mb of electro synth samples in WAV format fully infused with dubstep, crazy bass, chopped sound effects and more that will instantly tear up your favorite clubs!

Content :
25 x Construction Kits
200+ x Synth & Bass Loops
24 Bit Quality
122-132 Bpm

Additional Information :
The radical sound aesthetics of Dubstep are all the rage right now – and slowly trickling over into all other major music genres! Prime Loops’ latest cutting-edge electro house samples collection “Complex Electro Synths” brings you over 400Mb of dubstep infused electro synth loops, crazy fragmented lead hooks, sidechained wobble bass samples, chopped-up sound FX and much more to instantly tear up the clubs!

With “Complex Electro Synths”, your trusted sample wizards at Prime Loops let you travel freely from doomed Dubstep to itchy Electro and back again! Current wunderkind Skrillex shows how it’s done, transcending his heavy sonic weaponry into previously unexplored areas, shaping up the sound of tomorrow quicker than you can say “Wow”. And he gets away with it quite successfully. So why shouldn’t you?!

This massive “Complex Electro Synths” sound pack brings you over 400Mb of crazy complex 24Bit synth loops and bass samples, delivered at main room compatible Bpm rates from 122 all the way to 132. Forceful sawtooth attacks meet up with ultra-low subsonic bass frequencies , harsh analogue synth soundwaves clash with FX that are tweaked to full impact – this is all you need to create some serious havoc on the dancefloor!

As with all other Prime Loops releases two things are guaranteed: As all sounds have been mastered to sheer perfection for all major music hard- and softwares the fun just won’t stop – and you won’t ever have to worry about legal hassles – as usual with this sound collection, all synth and bass sounds in this pack come a hundred per cent royalty-free!

You can use all of these electro synth samples and complextro loops for your tracks as a whole, or hack and slay away at the lot of them according to your tastes and (dark) desires. So, let’s give the Deadmau5s and the Skrillexes and the Moguais and the FeedMes a run for their money – soon it could be you headlining the next all-encompassing uber-rave!

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