PreSonus – Studio One Pro 6.6.0 – R2R [WiN x64]

By | April 12, 2024


Release Year/Date : 04/02/2024
Version : 6.6.0 build 99237
Developer : PreSonus
Bit depth : 64bit
Interface language : English + Russian
Tablet : Present R 2 R
System requirements :
Windows 10 20H1 (64-bit) or Windows 11 (64-bit)
Intel® Core™ i3/AMD A10 processor or better

Description : Everything you need to record, produce, mix, master and perform. Studio One 6 lets you create quickly and easily with new smart templates,
an intuitive drag-and-drop workflow, a customizable user interface, and powerful integrated tools.
Studio One 6.1 offers powerful updates to Smart Templates, Lyrics Track, Video Track, Custom UI, and more.

What’s new?
Version 6.6 Release Notes (April 2, 2024):
New Features and Improvements:
● New publishing and Digital Release option “Upload to TuneCore” (TuneCore Client) for direct distribution on major social media and streaming platforms
● Support for Dolby Atmos composite beds (extending 5.1 and 7.1 beds with up to 6 top surround channels using objects)
● Mute/Solo function for Dolby Atmos bed channels in Dolby Atmos Renderer window
● [macOS] Apple Spatial Audio Binaural Monitoring Support
● [macOS] Support for Apple AirPods Pro/Max head-tracking and PHRTF (Personalized Head-Related Transfer Function)
● Macro Toolbar and Macro support on Project Page and Show Page
● Improved Lyrics Display on Song Page and Show Page
● New virtual instrument “Lead Architect” (included in Studio One+)
● Pause/Resume content downloads in Transfers window
● New recording template for Fender Tone Master Pro
● Improved VST compatibility – Please update your plug-ins to the latest version!
● Improved DAWproject compatibility
● [Linux] New API for 3rd party developers to implement plug-in GUIs under Wayland
New commands:
● Arranger Track
o Goto Section
● Gadgets (Extensions)
o TuneCore Client
● Show
o Select Player
o Select Setlist Item
● View
o Macros
● Dolby Atmos
o Toggle Speaker Format
o Speaker Format 9.1.6
o Speaker Format 7.1.4
o Speaker Format 7.1
o Speaker Format 5.1.4
o Speaker Format 5.1.2
o Speaker Format 5.1
o Speaker Format Stereo
o Speaker Format Dolby Atmos Binaural
o Speaker Format Apple Spatial Audio
o Toggle Headphone Format
o Toggle Renderer
o Toggle 3D View Free
o Toggle 3D View Front
o Toggle 3D View Left
o Toggle 3D View Right
o Toggle 3D View Top
The following issues have been highlighted:
● “Add Insert to Selected Channels” command fails after using “Add Bus for Selected Channels” command in Macro
● Adding, removing, and zooming a large number of tracks is very slow
● [Ampire] Audible pop when exporting mixdown
● [Ampire] Random gain values ​​in different amps
● [Audio Batch Converter] Export doesn’t reflect processing of “Repair Sample Rate”
● Audio Bend context menu items duplicated when multiple songs open
● Automation doesn’t follow when packed to Folder Track
● [Impact XT ] Can’t replace sample, add, or clear pad when Impact kit isn’t found
● Channel level meter not entirely visible when Record or Monitor enabled
● CPU Spikes when changing track input in a song with several tracks and channels
● Crash when selecting Folder Track and main out Automation Track, followed by “Duplicate Track” command
● Crash when switching between songs with pinned editor
● Ctrl+Click on track name deletes track
● [macOS] Default “Delete Time” command [Alt][Cmd][ D] conflicts with macOS shortcut for “Show/hide Dock”
● Dragging plug-in to Folder Track creates new track
● Dragging event with crossfade only shows topmost fade when track is in “Play Overlaps” mode
● Dropping instrument to bottom of Folder Track is tricky
● Export mono track to stem doesn’t respect panning
● First metronome click is muted occasionally
● Folder grouping deletes previous group assignments
● Folder name and color for newly added busses are lost
● Importing a Track Template with chord data alters Chord Track
● Incorrect crossfades with record mode “Replace”
● Lock Pan to Channel state is not mentioned
● Locked tracks ignore locking with “Transpose Instrument Tracks” command
● [Channel Strip Collection] Loud pop when enabling VT1
● Lyrics overlap in Score View after extending Instrument Part
● Lyrics stop scrolling while recording
● [macOS native Apple Silicon] Expander only processing on first playback in some cases
● [macOS] [Score Editor] Potential crash on zooming
● [macOS] Adjusting pan and volume is glitchy during playback
● [macOS] Lag when resizing Spectrum Meter
● [macOS] Poor multithreading behavior on export
● [macOS] Potential crash when opening plug-in GUI from Inspector during playback
● [macOS] Redraw errors on closing embedded ARA Editor
● [macOS] Resizing fails for certain VST3 plug-ins
● [MIDI Monitor] Port name not entirely visible with long device name
● MIDI file import is comparably slow with larger files
● MP3 export slow for no apparent reason
● [Multiband Dynamics] Erratic multichannel behavior when GUI is
● Multisample File (.multisample) not loading samples in Sample One when imported from Bitwig Studio
● Piano sustain playback cut off momentarily when soloing / un-soloing Instrument Tracks
● Playback is not possible for first recorded note in bar 1
● Plug-in header not wide enough to show side-chain in some cases
● Rename and color macro doesn’t work for busses
● “Replace FX Chain” replaces wrong FX Chain (FX Chain is not updated correctly)
● [Score Editor] Final bar value can’t be changed by dragging the mouse
● [Score Editor] Triplets are not spaced equally
● Selection of Bus Channel doesn’t instantly follow when connecting a Folder Track
● [Show Page] Arpeggiator stops when transport is relocated
● Solo state is not remembered in Mixer Scenes
● Song export to MIDI is slowed down in certain cases
● [Sound Variations Editor] Scroll bar not usable in certain cases
● Studio One cannot connect to certain iPads to send data to Notion
● Time signature is not created at certain cursor positions
● “Track Archive” import from Cubase misses pan automation
● Track name is overlapping track icon if automation is shown
● [Transport] Adjusting tempo by dragging shows extra decimal places
● “View – Editor” command does not set focus correctly when used inside macro
● [Vocoder] Read automation not working for “Hold” parameter
● [Windows] Object Panner “Edit Pan Automation” pop up is awkward to handle
● [Linux] Add-on activation fails or crashes in certain situations
● [Linux] ALSA control panel doesn’t update values
​​● [Linux] ALSA MIDI output ports don’t auto-connect
● [Linux] ALSA MIDI timing is inaccurate
● [Linux] Ports aren’t updated when hot-plugging ALSA MIDI devices
● [Linux] Potential freeze when using Pipewire-JACK
● [Linux] Incorrect timestamps for outgoing JACK MIDI events
● [Linux] Can’t switch to 64 bit (double ) precision processing option
● [Linux] Browser: “Show in File Manager” does nothing
● [Linux] Browser: Files > Volumes doesn’t list any drives
● [Linux] Ctrl+Tab doesn’t cycle through open songs and Start Page
● [Linux] Document file name and modification state not displayed in main window
● [Linux] PreSonus ioStation 24c integration not entirely functional
● [Linux] Potential crash on export to MP3
● [Linux] Ranges of vertical zoom sliders are shifted
● [Linux ] ] Studio One won’t run under Sway Wayland Compositor
● [Linux] VST3 plug-ins show empty window instead of generic controls
● [Linux] Windows overlap desktop borders in dual screen setup

Studio One 6 Extensions:
C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\PreSonus\Studio One 6
Navigation Essentials – 1.4.1
Presonus Ampire –
Ampire HD Pack –
Ampire XT Classics –
Channel Strip Collection –
Fat Channel Plugins –
Fat Channel XT –
Pro Console CTC -1 –
Retro Mix Legends –
SO6 Reference Manual Eng –
SO6 Reference Manual Eng –
Audio Batch Converter –
Presence XT Editor –
PreSonus VU Meter –
Softube Saturation Knob – 1.3.13
Studio One 6 Demos & Tutorials
Studio One Russian.langpack
Studio One 6 – Release Notes.pdf
PreSonus Studio One 6.5.2 R2R.exe
PreSonus Studio One 6.6.0 R2R.exe

Activation : If you need complete cleaning of PreSonus installation,
uninstall all and remove
If you just need to remove licenses, delete *.license files in above directories.

0.Uninstall previous version.
1.Install StudioOne.
2.Copy included “VCRUNTIME140_1.dll” to the StudioOne.exe installation directory.
NOTE: NEVER try overwriting the file in system32 dir!
3.Run StudioOne.
Close login window and start offline authorization.
4.Run our keygen on Windows.
Copy MachineID to the keygen.
5.Generate licenses.
6.Authorize StudioOne by using “studioapp*.pro.license“.
If you want to authorize StudioOne6, “” is your choice.
Authorize Extensions by using other licenses.

Generated licenses are linked to the license of main application.
If you want to activate additional contents, you need to generate & reauthorize all.
You can reauthorize from the StudioOne menu items.

You can authorize extensions by drag & drop multiple *.license files to StudioOne GUI.
Or just copy all extension license files to “%PROGRAMDATA%\PreSonus\License Store\”.

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  1. Rudeboi

    READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE – its simple (unless you using windows XP !!!)

  2. Finstertaler

    Hey u fcking idiot – do u think i didnt do that? U are useless shit!

  3. Fen

    Works in first place and says Activation successful. But when I start Studio One the next time it says that activation has been blocked and it becomes unregistered again.

  4. MMH

    Need to turn off Internet each time 2 use StudioOne? gotta be a better way around this ??

  5. asdjasd

    guys follow the instructions and then use firewall and block inbound and outbound connections for studio one 6 and plugin scanner and it will work

  6. kouitman

    you have to block the internet from the .exe file , and you can do using windows defender firewall (just make some research)

  7. SkinnyJimmy

    Right this isnt the easiest but its not hard to google guys…
    This is how to block the app in firewall!!.. so, listen up…!

    1. Press Windows Key,
    2. type : Windows Defender
    3. Click on Advanced Security
    4. (Left side of Box) Click ‘INBOUND RULES’
    5. (Right side of box) Click ‘New rule’, then click Program..then next..
    6. Click BROWSE.. Find Studio One in Your Program files. then next.
    7. Click BLOCK Connection! click next.,.
    8. click Next… then give it a name (Like S-one blockhack or something)

    9.. Do exactly the same for OUTBOUND….

    aaaand hey presto!

    10.. buy me beers later!


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