PreSonus – Studio One Pro 6.5.2 – R2R [WiN x64]

By | January 23, 2024


Release Year/Date : 01/16/2024
Version : 6.5.2 build 97444
Developer : PreSonus
Bit depth : 64bit
Interface language : English + Russian
Tablet : Present R 2 R
System requirements :
Windows 10 20H1 (64-bit) or Windows 11 (64-bit)
Intel® Core™ i3/AMD A10 processor or better

Description : Everything you need to record, produce, mix, master and perform. Studio One 6 lets you create quickly and easily with new smart templates, an
intuitive drag-and-drop workflow, a customizable user interface, and powerful integrated tools.
Studio One 6.1 offers powerful updates to Smart Templates, Lyrics Track, Video Track, Custom UI, and more.

What’s new?
Release Notes for Version 6.5.2 (January 16, 2024):
● Added integration for SynchroArts Revoice Pro 5
The following issue has been fixed:
● [macOS] Some AU plugins do not process audio
● [macOS] Crash when instantiating certain AU plugins
● [macOS] AUv3 (not supported) are automatically filtered and do not appear in the plugin list
● [PreSonus Channel Strip Set] Ballistics VU meters RC500 and VT1 output too slowly
Studio One 6 Extensions:
C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\PreSonus\Studio One 6
Navigation Essentials – 1.4.1
Presonus Ampire –
Ampire HD Pack –
Ampire XT Classics –
Channel Strip Collection –
Fat Channel Plugins –
Fat Channel XT –
Pro Console CTC -1 –
Retro Mix Legends –
SO6 Reference Manual Eng –
Audio Batch Converter –
Presence XT Editor –
PreSonus VU Meter –
Softube Saturation Knob – 1.3.13
Studio One 6 Demos & Tutorials
Studio One Russian.langpack
Studio One 6 – Release Notes.pdf
PreSonus Studio One 6.5.2 R2R.exe

Registration :

12 thoughts on “PreSonus – Studio One Pro 6.5.2 – R2R [WiN x64]

  1. rey

    I’m beginning to like Studio One; I have a legacy hardware—the PreSonus AudioBox 22 VSL. The early Studio One Artist was included but no CD/DVD drive working, I can at least feel my way around with this package. I read somewhere some time ago that Jim Steinberg, inventor of Cubase, VST, etc. was working for PreSonus…….. the apparent similarity to Cubase is highly welcome. Why there’s never a PDF manual with Studio One is baffling. I assume it’s possible to convert the HTML manual to PDF, though……(?).

    Have you seen something called “EmVoice”, a competitor to Vocaloid?

  2. Buddha

    Rey….studio one manuals or pdfs are pointless and do not contain much for knowledge. Best bet is to watch youtube videos for free on how to use studio one. There are some really great free courses on youtube. That’s how i started. I’m still a newbie really but starting to put all this stuff together. Its a lot to learn.

  3. Camilo

    Stop internet. Make the register. Put a block in firewall for the Studio One program .exe. Voilá… Working again.

  4. jack

    camilio if this works, give me your cash app, i have 6 bucks on it and i will give you those 6 bucks since this was a PAIN

  5. kunang

    whatever I do, I can’t add my 3rd party VST3 plugin into studio one. studio one 6 won’t detect it.

  6. Camilo

    Options – Vst Plugins – Add>>>>
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

  7. nefsta

    It works, but i find it is only operable while your computer is offline-not connected to the internet.


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