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Publisher: Plugmon.
Website: Plugmon
Format: SYNTH PRESET (Diva 1.4.5+), H2P, SKIN.

Description :
“MONA” is a user graphical interface for u-he Diva. It changes not only the appearance, but also the principle of operation.

Key Features :
Huge GUI with 1660 x 930 resolution.
Realistic appearance of the equipment.
Everything in one panel.
Reproducible keyboard and wheels.
System “Massive Modulation” v2.
Switch modules with one click.
XY effect controls.
“Easy access” to basic settings in the browser.

Additional Content :
“Turn Off the FXs” is a library containing raw sounds without effects.
The effects really enrich the synths. But their disadvantage is that with their help you can make a “decent” sound simply great. Any patch can sound great with strong reverb and delay.
Classic synths don’t have effects, and I believe the quintessence of synths lies in the oscillators and filters. So I decided to make a library that doesn’t rely on power effects.

How to install ?
Copy the “MONA” folder from the “Themes” folder and the “Plugmon – Turn off FXs (Lite)” folder from the “Presets” folder
and place them accordingly as given below.

– Presets: C:\Users\[Your name]\Documents\u-he\\User Presets\.
– Skin: C:\Users\[Your name]\Documents\u-he\\Support\Themes\.

– Presets: Macintosh HD/Library/Library/Audio/Presets/u-he/
– Skin:Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/u-he/Themes/


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