Origin Sound – Future Soul – Melodic RnB & Trap (MIDI, WAV)

By | September 28, 2023


Publisher: Origin Sound
Website: Splice
Format: MIDI, WAV
Quality: 24 bit | 44.1 kHz | stereo

Origin Sound – Future Soul, a holistic collection of carefully crafted samples that blur the line between organic and electronic. You can expect to discover delicately curved instruments, versatile vocal phrases, rich drum beats, cascading melodic loops and more. This library contains all the musical elements needed to create a detailed Future Soul jam from scratch.
Additional Information
60 precision-engineered drum loops are the foundation of Future Soul, with the individual stem bounces of these loops giving you the ability to customize parameters as you build your drums, allowing for seamless interchangeability leading to rapid creative flow. Plus, 15 percussion loops add detail and shine to the grooves in your rhythm section, all of which were created using the huge selection of single-drum samples that come with Future Soul. They range from spacious kicks to soft hi-hats, punchy drums and more.
The integration of loops and samples across various elements has been fully thought out in Future Soul, and complementary chord and bass loops are appropriately named to ensure a quick workflow when navigating through the pack. Whether it’s pairing a natural, soft piano loop with a warm bassline, or high-pitched synths with sweeping saws and funky analogue bass, there are countless possibilities for finding inspiration.
For a final burst of elegance in Future Soul, you can find a wide range of detailing elements, from vocal frames and phrases, whether wet with lush reverb or straight out of the box dry, to signature effects that will really add quality to your sound. creations.
Future Soul is the perfect addition to the arsenal of producers looking to create tracks in the vein of Solange, Flume, Gallant, SZA and Miguel, providing all the tools needed for a smooth and enjoyable creative process.

Content :
272 Samples (128 Loops, 144 One-Shots)
46 MIDIs
15 Kicks
15 Percs
15 Snares
15 Tops
15 Extra Perc Loops
5 Drum Fills
15 Full Loops
15 No Kick Loops
15 Top Loops
18 Bass Loops (W/MIDI x18)
26 Chord Loops (W/MIDI x18)
20 Melodics Loops (W/MIDI x10)
22 Bass One-Shots
28 Synth One-Shots
15 SFX
23 Vocals

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