One Stop Shop – Tasty One Shots by Mars Today (WAV)

By | September 20, 2023


Publisher: One Stop Shop
Format: WAV
Quality: 16 bit 96 kHz stereo

Description: This pack has been specifically designed to be a one-stop choice for any producer looking for tasty melodic and drum-based tracks. All individual notes are C (C), so you can easily swap them around in any sampler to hear different tones in the same chords and notes. Most of the melodic samples are designed to be distributed across the keyboard to replace the VST with textured and sculpted sounds, the rest are amazing held tones that can be easily pitched and put into place. All chord passages were created using single note samples, resulting in unique and deep chord tones.

The package was created by recording a variety of analog synths, electric and acoustic guitars, basses, talk boxes, vocals, drums, drum kits, analog drum machines, electric keyboards and acoustic pianos. Each sample was then reprocessed with external effects, re-amping, and run through vintage EQs and compressors to ensure they were full of flavor and didn’t sound too digital.

Content :
112 Drum one shots
352 Tonal one shots

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