Impact Soundworks – Shreddage Bass 2 (KONTAKT)

By | September 2, 2016

Impact Soundworks Shreddage Bass 2 KONTAKT DVDRDISCOVER

Our finest virtual bass: a badass six-string, custom-made Muckelroy recorded through a legendary vacuum tube preamp. The superb realism, depth, and stunning tone of Shreddage Bass 2 is perfect for rock, metal, fusion, pop and much more.


  • Custom-made 6-string electric bass
  • 11,000+ samples recorded w/ true TUBE DI
  • Four and a half octave range starting at low G
  • Fingered playing style, up to 32x samples per note
  • Sustain, staccato, hammer-on & pull-off
  • Harmonics, portamento slides, FX
  • Hundreds of finger noise + pop samples


  • Familiar UI layout from the Shreddage 2 series
  • Double-tracking features
  • Virtual fretboard display with deep tweaking
  • Custom-built FX rack with amp + cab sim
  • Hi-gain FX presets for instant gratification
  • Completely customizable mapping
  • Compatible with FREE Kontakt Player


  • Kontakt OR Kontakt Player version 5.3.1 or higher.
  • 5GB hard drive space
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 2007 or later processor
    Your system must also meet the requirements for version 5.5.2 of Kontakt. If you cannot run that version, you will not be able to load this library.

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