Impact Soundworks – Rosette Fingerstyle (KONTAKT)

By | April 18, 2024


Publisher: Impact Soundworks
Website: Rosette Fingerstyle
Format: KONTAKT (6.7.1+)
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: steel-stringed Taylor 414ce An exquisite steel-stringed acoustic guitar recorded in fine detail.
The Rosette Fingerstyle is the first in our new line of Rosette acoustic guitars.

We sampled the stunning Taylor 414ce steel string acoustic guitar in great detail: every string, every fret, every finger, with two microphones and a DI signal.
An improved, expanded guitar engine allows you to easily customize your virtual turntable performance to bring your music to life, no matter how complex or nuanced it may be.

Over 24,000 24-bit samples. Exquisite recordings using the finest studio microphones and preamps for stunning clarity and detail. A stunning, American-made, flagship steel-string fingerstyle acoustic guitar. Modern, clean and crisp tone. Play and write a huge range of possible lead and rhythm parts using sustains, mutes, tremolos, harmonics (natural and artificial), kick/break, slides, chokes, pitched and non-pitched releases, and a variety of percussion. Each string is sampled to the highest fret using the thumb (up/down), index, middle and ring fingers, each with up to 4 RR and 5 dynamic layers.

Additional Information :
Introducing Rosette Fingerstyle, the first in our new Rosette line of acoustic guitars. We sampled a gorgeous steel-stringed Taylor 414ce acoustic in obsessive detail: every string, every fret, every finger, with two mics and even a DI signal. An improved, expanded guitar engine lets you easily customize the virtual player’s performance to breathe life into your music, no matter how intricate or nuanced.

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