ImagikSound – Elektra (KONTAKT)

By | August 9, 2022


Publisher: ImagikSound
Website: Kontakthub
Format: KONTAKT 5.8+
Quality: 24bit 96kHz stereo

Description : Elektra is an imaginary modulated electric piano from the 50s. His sound is quite far from the sound of Rhodes and Wurlitzer. The instrument has a smoky and dreamy sound across all of its 88 keys.

Each note was sampled using three different instances of my software Reaktor ELECTROPIANO. The central instance is the body, the left side is cut at high frequencies, and the bass has a cut at low frequencies and boosted highs.

The tremolo is driven by an LFO sine wave that controls the panning of the sound. It can be activated with a button on the right side and a knob on the left side controls the speed.

The Felt button smoothes the sound, and the convolutional reverb is activated by the button, while the size of the reverb is controlled by the knob. Samples are divided into soft and hard for a more realistic keyboard touch.

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