Image-Line – FL Studio Producer Edition v21.1.1 Build 3750 – All Plugins Edition [WIN x64]

By | September 18, 2023


Year/Date of Issue: 09/12/23
Version: 21.1.1 Build 3750.
Developer: Image-Line.
Developer’s website: Image-Line
Bit depth: 64bit
Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese.
Tablet: Present [WD]
System requirements: WIN 10+

FL Studio is a complete music production software environment or digital audio workstation (DAW).
With more than 20 years of innovative developments, it combines everything you need for composing, arranging, recording,
editing, mixing and creating professional quality music.

Characteristics and Features :
Advanced Audio:
Multi-track audio recording Time stretching and pitch bending during editing.

Industry-leading piano role editor MIDI recording and control of pattern or linear workflow.

Mixing and effects:
Multi-track mixer Control automation Support for VST plugins.

Mix and master music to the highest professional standards. All the features you need to create today’s most complex products, including effects chains, audio sends, sidechain control, advanced automation, plug-in latency compensation and more…

Piano Roll:
Pianoroll in FL Studio has a well-deserved reputation as the best Pianoroll in the business. Piano roll is used to transfer notes and automation data to connected instruments (sequencing). It includes a wide range of tools for complex editing and working with scores.

Browser and playlist:
No other DAW can match the flexibility of FL Studio’s playlist. Sequence all elements of the project to create the final composition. Tracks can contain notes, audio, and automation. Place any type of data anywhere and even overlay it on top of each other. Use the Browser to organize all the data in your project. Free your workflow and your mind!

Instruments and FX:
If the sheer number of native instruments and effects isn’t enough for you, FL Studio supports all VST 1, 2, and 3 standards. VST provides access to the widest range of third-party plugins. You can even use FL Studio itself as a VST plugin in another VST host. Vector interface:
Change the size and position of the user interface.

Recording and editing automation:
Real-time control motion recording and editing.

VST/ReWire support:
Use FL Studio as a VST plugin or with ReeWire.

Designed for touch control.

Live DJ control:
Powerful live performance capabilities, clip trigger.

Extended help system:
Context-sensitive guidance (press F1).

MIDI Learn:
Powerful MIDI controller linking capabilities.

Visualizer effects plugin:
Render 4K video directly from FL Studio.


WHAT’S NEW v21.1.1
16363 The “Show information when opening” option is not automatically set when editing project information. Corrections:
16355 Canceling the big data plugin warning still saves the project.
16354 Cannot change template name to empty string.
16334 The search text in the plugin selection window is not completely displayed.
16323 When opening file settings, the 5th line of the browser search path list is always selected.
16344 The browser shows multiple identical search results.
16343 Channel arpeggiator chattering.
16337 Fruity LSD: crash when opening in Windows on ARM.
16357 Maxx plugins: Maximum polyphony is too high.
16307 Sawer: CPU usage is too high.
16365 Soundgoodizer: Error when input audio contains NaN values.
16360 The value parameter in playlist.muteTrack is not ordered correctly.
16356 Edison Scripting: InsertSilence always inserts silence before the last sample.
7873 FL Studio VSTi and AU: Latency changes are not reported to the host.
15913 Paste on hover in a playlist does not work if the position was changed using keyboard shortcuts.
15973 Brief freeze when changing theme.
16011 Error when using the chart editor after deleting a channel.
16018 Failure to reset audio sample to audio track header.
16138 Browser sample preview playback position does not sync with other audio.
16152 MIDI Scripts: plugins.getPadInfo reports the wrong number of pads for FPC.
16156 The recording options window is displayed twice when recording starts during playback.
16164 The warning for the Fruity Fire edition is formatted incorrectly.
16185 Piano roll and Edison script windows have some graphical problems.
16200 X-Y-Z Controller: Keyboard shortcuts do not work on input and output mapping envelopes.
16209 Crash when previewing a PNG file with a JPG extension.
16213 Piano Scripting: Cannot set the last bit of Marker.scale_helper…
16215 HTML Notebook: error when deleting or replacing a plugin.
16217 Running tests changes the last used project path.
16223 Crash when pressing Ctrl + Shift + down arrow on the selection panel.
16224 After canceling the Open window, the last used folder is not displayed correctly.
16225 Moving a pattern in the pickers panel does not always work.
16226 When opening a new project, the looping button in the channel rack is not reset.
16238 Morphine: Saved preset files do not have a file extension.
16239 It is not possible to color a pattern without renaming it.
16246 Dragging the playhead where an audio clip fades out may result in loud clicking noises.
16247 Piano roll script: When the accept button is clicked, the script runs again with a different result.
16236 Drumaxx has an increased height..
16249 Drumpad increases height.
16250 MiniSynth: piano roll slides do not work.
16253 Pattern colors are not always updated correctly in the browser.
16254 MiniSynth: Channel volume does not change plugin volume.
16256 When working with multiple patterns in the browser, only the current pattern is updated.
16257 Hardcore: Knob values are not displayed correctly.
16262 Maximus: The selected view (Bands or Monitor) is not saved in presets.
16275 The browser failed to save its settings.
16278 Error when undoing after canceling the Import MIDI Data window.
16284 Error when creating an automation clip when the playlist is not visible.
16285 MIDI devices cannot pause playback.
16286 The browser is not displayed if it is automatically hidden and “Browse parameters” is used for the plugin.
16287 It is not possible to specify a pattern name that contains the # symbol.
16288 Granulator: Possible crash when adding samples with long path.
16295 Fade-outs sometimes click at the beginning.
16303 Version information in the browser preview pane is not displayed correctly.
16305 FL Studio VSTi: The host may hang when displaying an error after changing MIDI devices.
16311 Newly added key markers do not snap to the grid.
16321 When reopening projects, playlist zoom levels do not work correctly for all zoom levels.
16322 Key markers do not display the correct root note when changing the scale.
16260 Edison: Declicker no longer works.

Installation :
1. Install the application.
2. Replace the original files in the C:\Program Files\Image-Line\FL Studio 21 directory with the cracked ones from the “Patch” folder.
3. Apply registration data from the FLStudio_reg.reg file.
4. Enjoy the All Plugins Edition!
Note: Some data in the cracked FLEngine_x64.dll is packed using VMProtect. So if you don’t trust this release, just don’t use it.

34 thoughts on “Image-Line – FL Studio Producer Edition v21.1.1 Build 3750 – All Plugins Edition [WIN x64]

  1. qanonym

    hello, i followed the instructions in the .txt file but for me it doesn’t work, still saying demo version, any help please? thanks

  2. Dwi Kashiwagi

    does it just work in 44khz ?. I tried to change the sample into 48khz, but app always got out by self

  3. xerox

    Why cant I download the new Declipper feature in Edison, what can I do to fix this error ?

  4. nq

    Please do 21.2 soon! fl studio is back in trial in 21.1 now for some reason, I tried reinstalling the patch it didn’t work

  5. peter

    Stop working today πŸ™ Cant save project… hope there will be crack for 21.2 soon


    crack does not work, it worked for me for like copule days, and it switched to (TRIAL)

  7. Hallow

    The crack has been patched and is no longer working at this time. I tried manually deleting the registry key and re running the reg key command. I tried running both the FL Scaled and regular exe. All we can do is wait for a fix or for the new version of FL to be cracked πŸ™


    .21.2 (27 OCT 2023) . 21.1 TO TRIAL MODE—-> ://..//3//1739/__21___/?=48569&_= , /// ://.//.?=6408240 /// !!!

  9. cockblaster900

    Downloaded, installed, changed files from patch, ran registry.
    1st launch said “trial mode” (doesnt say that anymore)
    Now every time I close it, it redirects me to some fl studio page. Is there a way to disable that?

  10. nq

    I just tried it and OMG TYSM I can finally open flps and stuff again
    It makes it so much easier cus my fl would sometimes crash if I had alot of vsts open lol

  11. HALLOW

    This patch only fixes the trial mode and crashing issues, but doesn’t fully unlock all the features.


  12. Katerpilla

    Delete the folder C:\Users\=USER NAME=\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Settings\ Internet. it works just fine

  13. popesmoke

    What does the note mean about the FL Engine.Dll packed using vmprotect, & if you don’t trust, don’t use. Is it safe?? I just de malwared my laptop.

  14. As gaming

    Hey guys… it’s fully working for me and still it in crack.. not showing for me it’s a demo version
    But some plugins have without presets i don’t know why it’s like that…
    And admin plzzz make 21.2 update early..

  15. ali

    Trial mode solution
    Delete the folder C:\Users\=USER NAME=\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Settings\ Internet.
    After you delete the internet folder the trial version will disappear and you can load saved files.

    thanks caterpillar for this solution

  16. krazytracks

    Trial mode permanent fix:
    1. Delete the files in folder C:\Users\=USER NAME=\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Settings\ Internet
    (suggested by Katerpilla)
    2. Block C:\Program Files\Image-Line\FL Studio 21\FL64.exe in firewall outgoing rules
    (this keeps the FL from re-downloading the files in the “Internet” folder)

  17. Asfael

    the solution guys:

    Trial mode permanent fix:
    1. Delete the files in folder C:\Users\=USER NAME=\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Settings\ Internet
    (suggested by Katerpilla)
    2. Block C:\Program Files\Image-Line\FL Studio 21\FL64.exe in firewall outgoing rules
    (this keeps the FL from re-downloading the files in the β€œInternet” folder)


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